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Webzen, one of the leading game publishers in the world has recently announced their latest online game called FIRST HERO. The game context sets in the middle ages with the arrival of the heroes, the famous military in the world. In FIRST HERO, you can freely choose those heroes and test their power in the intense battles, which have taken place or never happened in history. In addition, you can collect and upgrade them for receiving a lot of rewards.



FIRST HERO is a game with many tactical elements and building the castle. The mechanism of dropping troops is quite familiar with many game players, it can be a novelty. In the game, you will be the lord of a castle cum a military officer, a politician, your task is to build your castle, recruit your own famous heroes, and bring your army to invade the surrounding land for forcing them to submit to you.

The game is created by PvP and PvE. With two modes of combat, you can freely choose to follow the story of the producer or join the alliance to fight with other players in the world, to protect your empire or loot other empires.

For rewards, you can get them by fighting and destroying enemy bases, or you can log in daily and receive bonuses which will help you upgrade your buildings. You have to recruit more heroes and make more weapons to prepare for the next battle.


Interesting battles

A little more about the FIRST HERO battles, it may be a fresh creation by Webzen. Each battle will be taken place in an arena and two sides will have walls. Each wall will have some amount of blood according to your strength. Each party will have at most 7 soldiers or heroes and to release them to the battlefield. You will need a power point, which is located in the left corner (maximum of 10 points).

There are two ways for you to win the game. The first one is to destroy the enemy wall and the other is to destroy all the heroes of the enemy on the battlefield. Remember that you only have seven heroic so you should choose the most powerful and influential heroes.


Graphics and music of the game

The game is bright and pretty looking. With cute heroes that will be a big plus for the game and the medieval background music, which will make players quite enthralled with the game. In addition, the hero also has a full dialogue and cute sounds.


Download FIRST HERO Mod Apk free for Android

FIRST HERO MOD is a unique game with a familiar drag-and-drop interface but it has a new dimension to combat that contributes to the game’s fun and satisfying gameplay. Finally, if you find this game attractive, please share it with your friend. Have the fun playing time!

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