Final Heroes

Final Heroes mod

Final Heroes is an exciting RPG, which was released by XD Global. You will be entering a fiction world war, in which there is only war, deaths for power and conquest. There are always legendary heroes, who are fighting for more stories about powerful empires and kingdoms dominating a large land.

Final Heroes mod

Play style

Final Heroes is an exciting strategy game, in which you have to govern a kingdom. With your intelligence and strategy, you will start building a prosperous world. You can use your money and fame for recruiting legends to your kingdom and use them for the battle to conquer the land and protect your kingdom. You have to try to build the most powerful army because your enemies are abundant.

In the game, you will have more than 40 heroes. Each hero will own a different skill and the tactics so the combination of heroes will also be different. You need to master it so that you can build the army and win the victory. After the victories, all the rewards can be used to build your kingdom so that everything becomes more brilliant than ever. In addition, you can fight with other players in the world through the exciting PvP mode to show your strength, ability and strategy.

In the game, you have to level up your heroes and find them the good equipment if you want them to be stronger in battles. You will be able to get equipment when you kill enemies. You should upgrade this equipment to get more indicators.

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Final Heroes mod

The graphics of Final Heroes

Final Heroes has a nice, bright graphics. The heroic form of the game is also pretty appealing to give you a fresh experience. In addition, the skills are good with beautiful effects and a little dubbing as the heroes use the skill.

Final Heroes mod


Final Heroes MOD is an RPG game that you cannot miss. You can download the game and experience it. In order to have the more powerful equipment and legendary heroes, you can buy mysterious chests with cash. If you do not want to buy, you can disable this function in the game setting. Wish you have great gaming time!

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