Fantasy Tales – Idle RPG

Fantasy Tales - Idle RPG
Fantasy Tales – Idle RPG
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Legendary stories always bring a lot of inspiration to those who love the genre. Fantasy Tales – Idle RPG will be a fascinating game with a fantasy story for the players. In the game, the players will be engaging in battles with great races, heroes with unique abilities and 3D graphics in real time. Maybe, this will be the most interesting game this summer. Let’s learn about this attractive game!

Fantasy Tales - Idle RPG

The interesting gameplay

Fantasy Tales – Idle RPG will allow you to form a hero team. You will guide them to overcome the challenges as well as find more powerful heroes to improve your team and create your great tactics. Your team will have up to four heroes. The heroes’ fighting will take place automatically but you will have to select the skills. The heroes and monsters will be put together on a map and fight chaos without any rules. You will just find ways to knock down the monster and get the reward.

The monsters are very powerful so you do not despise them. They can easily kill your hero. Therefore, in order to win, you need to have some techniques and tips to make your heroes stronger. You should fight in easy mode first in order to earn small bonuses in advance to be able to gradually upgrade the strength of heroes. After having more power, you can select the harder mode to fight. If you want to maximize the use of the heroes’ skills, you will have to point at each hero’s icon and test their skills and use it as soon as the skill has healed to maximize damage.

Fantasy Tales - Idle RPG

The abundant hero collection

Fantasy Tales – Idle RPG will have 5 different races for you to choose from such as Human, Elf, Demon, Furry and Angel. These five races will be divided into over 70 different types of characters. Each race will have Different skills so you need time to learn all these characters. In addition, you will be able to upgrade many things in your hero such as level, skill, attack…, which will consume quite a lot of gold as well as your diamond so you need to prepare much money to do this job. You can earn more money through battles, quests, events…

Fantasy Tales - Idle RPG

The Game Modes

Fantasy Tales – Idle RPG will provide you with a lot of interesting game modes for you to explore as well as earn rewards for yourself.
Daily dungeon: You will explore the daily dungeons and earn extra rewards to upgrade your skills.
RAID: Fighting with powerful bosses to pick up different attractive items.
Arena: Joining the arena to compete against other players to get the honour.
Trail tower: You can get many different rewards in tower battles.

Fantasy Tales - Idle RPG

The graphics

Fantasy Tales – Idle RPG has a nice and engaging 3D graphics with lots of unique and beautiful images of a fantasy world. You will discover a lot of new exciting things and many unique skills with exciting effects of the heroes. It will contain a lot of attraction so should not miss this game. Let’s play and enjoy the beauty of the mysterious world.

Fantasy Tales - Idle RPG


The fantasy world of Fantasy Tales – Idle RPG will be an exciting game this summer. You can join and entertain in this world to have more fun moments. Currently, the game is available on the Android platform. You can download the game via our link below. Have the great gaming time!

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