F1 Mobile Racing

F1 Mobile Racing

Racing games are very popular on the gaming market. However, there are a few games about F1 racing genre because the game makers have not grasped the factor of creating the attraction of the tournament, or have not yet had the full design for the car… Codemasters is one of the leading racing game makers with the F1 series of games every season of this race on the PS4, XBOX and Steam platform. F1 2018 will be officially launched on August 24, 2018. F1 Mobile Racing will be a mobile game, which Codemasters started to pay attention after the first F1 mobile game, F1 2016.

F1 Mobile Racing

About F1 racing

F1 or Formula One is a fast-paced racing game. The F1 World Championship includes a series of races, known as the Grands Prix, which are often held at the certain race tracks. There are also a few in the streets. The most famous racetrack is the Monaco Grand Prix in Monte Carlo. The results of each race are aggregated to identify two World Championships per year, one for the driver and one for the team.

Europe is the source of the F1 championship. Most of the teams are located here and more than a half of F1 tournament is held in Europe. However, the tournaments have gradually expanded to other continents. F1 is always a big event that many people expect. This is the most expensive sport in the world with the abundant exspense and trading features.

F1 Mobile Racing

The gameplay

F1 Mobile Racing will be a recreating game of all the famous F1 tournaments in the world, in which all the racing teams will ever be present. The players will participate in intense races to compete with other players in the world. You will have to control one of the fastest F1 cars on the track, overcome opponents and difficult bumps to be the winner. You can choose you your favourite country and start competing immediately.

The control mechanism in F1 Mobile Racing is quite easy. In the game, you just move left or right to control the direction. You also need to pay attention to the DRS (Drag Reduction System) to open it properly to help the car accelerate and control easier. When moving on the straight track, you need to turn on the DRS. When you get in the bends, you should turn DRS off. The combination of the driver and the device operation should be done well.

F1 Mobile Racing

The design

F1 Mobile Racing will be designed with beautiful 3D graphics. With a nice graphics and many modern features, F1 Mobile Racing is also a great racing game of 2018. In addition, this game also fully integrated both first and third view angle so you can easily switch and have a good observation, which gives the players a new feeling. The abundance of the car’s design and the diversity of the landscape also contribute to the appeal of the game. You can join and enjoy all the attractions of F1 games.

F1 Mobile Racing


F1 Mobile Racing is a great and potential game. It will be something new that you have never known before. This game will be launched on both Android and IOS. We will constantly update information about this game. You can follow this article to have more information. Have a great game!

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