Airplane Simulator 2018

Euro Flight Simulator 2018
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Today, I would like to introduce you a new game of pilot named Airplane Simulator 2018. This is a game genre, which is less exploited by the manufacturers. But it is loved by many gamers. It is going to be pretty much the same thing as driving games. However, you will have a different experience about the environment and the big changes of a game. Airplane Simulator 2018 will help you navigate your favourite plane over the beautiful cities and land with your passengers. Be a pilot who receives absolute trust.


The new experience

In the game, you will have the opportunity to control a large and beautiful aircraft that you may have previously been sitting on it or just watching it on the ground. You have to try to take off your plane by pulling the steering wheel in the bottom left corner to the top. When leaving the runway, you have to point to the marked spots in the sky that are the flight path for you. It is also your task to control your plane to fly over safely.

Airplane Simulator 2018 will create a lot of other flights in the sky, so you always have to be careful to avoid the collision. Everything should be accurate the time to get to the destination on time and get more bonuses for your professionalism.


Interesting control

In Airplane Simulator 2018, you will be tilting your device to control the plane. You have to tilt left if you want the plane to fly to the left and similar to the right. You will find it quite familiar and similar to some racing games. But now it is a great thing for a plane.


Other features

  • There will be 10 different missions in your flights.
  • 15 different great pilots and unique 3D passengers.
  • Practical physics and control plane in endless environments



Airplane Simulator 2018 has a nice 3D graphics with real environments like rivers, streams, cities … they are all quite authentic. The sound of the game is about the space and wind, giving you a feeling like in heaven.



Airplane Simulator 2018 is a new game in the flight simulator genre, which will give you something new and exciting. You can become a true pilot and overcome the difficulties in this game. Finally, please share it if you see it interesting. Wish you have a fun game!

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