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In 2014, the makers, Making Fun Inc. launched the game to hundreds of millions of players around the world. At that time, Eternium had received positive attention from the players. So far, the game continues to be improved by the development team in all aspects by getting positive feedback from the players, gradually making the game more popular and highly appreciated on the market.

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The game is designed in a medieval background, when the world is quite chaotic between the interference between the old and the new, between the spirit and the present. But magic still exists somewhere in the unknown places and the appearance of many mysterious creatures. You will be one of the heroes to explore the mystery, take part in this exciting journey and fight.

Eternium mod


In Eternium, you have to choose one of the basic character classes including Mage, Warrior or Bounty Hunter. Each character class will have specific weapons that you can easily recognize. You will immediately engage in dark dungeons, gloomy forests, dead village houses, ghost castles and many other terrifying locations. In those places, there will be plenty of challenges waiting for you. But there are also a lot of rare treasures, so you have to risk your life to get what you desire. You have to keep appearing and attacking so your only job is fighting.

You will have a lot of things to do. The first, you have to pay attention to the level of the character. In which, you should try to fight a lot to accumulate experience and increase the level quickly because when you have the high level, you are able to bring better equipment and stronger skills. Your skills will be upgraded when you level up. There are a lot of different skills you can choose to upgrade, all of which create great gameplay. You will also earn a lot of equipment by fighting monsters or completing quests, try to get yourself the purple or orange colour equipment, which will give you rare and better stats.


Graphics and sound

Eternium is a long-term game. Its graphics are getting better and better, the images are getting smoother. In addition, the special skills with many interesting effects will always make you feel more excited. Furthermore, the music of the game is also played out in combat situations, and the different locations will also give different music. Sometimes, you can move through the maps to enjoy the sound and interesting music.

Eternium mod


Eternium MOD is a fascinating game because it has been proven from time to time, and through the evaluation of players around the world. With a rate of 4.8/5 of nearly 1.5 million people, this game is a must-have game that you should not miss. The game offers both Android and IOS platforms so you can easily download and enjoy it. Have a fun game!

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