Epic of 3 Kingdoms

Epic of 3 Kingdoms
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Epic of 3 Kingdoms is the latest strategy game launched in early 2018. It is still the story of the chaotic period of Chinese history when the three power kingdoms including Wei, Shu, Wu, fighting for the land dispute. There were so many famous generals as well as the great battles that have been historically saved and written into the stories. The AppFame maker will recreate this part of the war story through the Epic of 3 Kingdoms game and make it more exciting.

Epic of 3 Kingdoms mod

About Three Kingdoms period

At the end of the Han dynasty’s chaos, all powers in the court were overwhelmed by the Dong Zhuo. The country did not care about the people and made the war everywhere then Yuan Zhao gathered all the heroes in the country to fight Dong Zhuo. Dong Zhuo moved to Chang’an and was killed by Lu Bu because of Diao Chan. From this time, the war of the three kingdoms began among Wei (Cao Cao), Shu (Liu Bei), Wu (Sun Quan), which divides the country into 3 forces.

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Building the troops and fight

In the game, you will be starting to learn the military tactics and the art of war. You will have to attack the citadel with your own military and strategy. Initially, you will have several generals collected in the form of cards. You have to find the resources and money to build more troops. You can also own more generals by fighting and gaining them.

Epic of 3 Kingdoms will give you plenty of difficulties. The great fortresses will have generals of protection. They are very strong that you need to do your best to win. By using the skills that your generals possess, you can attack enemies with greater power. In addition, you can bring other generals to battle with you to increase their strength. The battles will be quite chaotic and all the generals, as well as soldiers, will fight each other. The difference will be in the number of generals and their skills. You should be calm to put up a squad and good tactics to win the game.

Collecting and upgrading the famous general

Epic of 3 Kingdoms will provide you with hundreds of famous generals such as Guan Yu, Zhang Fei, Zhao Yun … the decentralization of generals by the colour of the cards and the number of stars will be easy to choose. you should choose the general that match to your style. The game also has a rich customization and upgrade system, in which you can change the weapons of the generals to increase their power by using powerful gems. Moreover, you can upgrade their skills so that they become stronger and more majestic.

The graphics and sound

Epic of 3 Kingdoms is designed with an extremely detailed HD graphics, all of which are optimized for the best. You will also see the great skills with the special effects. Those skills will give you a fun and exciting visual experience. The sound of the game is well built, with the voice of the generals as well as the skills, which will increase the authenticity of these historic battles.

Epic of 3 Kingdoms mod


In short, this war game will bring you a lot of attractions, in which you have to gather the generals, develop and bring them into PvP battles for conquering the citadels and participating in many battles. Let’s establish a nation to dominate the whole land. Currently, Epic of 3 Kingdoms MOD is available on both Android and IOS. You can download and enjoy the game now! Have a fun game!

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