Eleria mod

So far, the role-playing games have always attracted so many players, especially those who love fighting and killing. This is one of the genres that require the high skill and the good tactical thought to bring advantage. We always try to bring you all the exciting role-playing games. Today, we would like to introduce to you the great game in this genre named Eleria. Let’s study a bit of this new game right now!

Eleria mod

The story

In the near future, the world was in darkness and panic due to the ravages of the virus and its depleted resources. At this time, the Thorn family had made a desperate deal with Shadow God to allow humans into space and seek the necessary resources. But Thorn must destroy the gods of darkness. Shadow God fell that he had been betrayed by humans and wanted to revenge. He had caused so many bad things to affect the human world. You have to gather the people to fight the anger of the gods and protect your planet.

Eleria mod

The simple gameplay

Eleria has a quite simple gameplay, which is somewhat familiar to many players. In the game, the design of the moves and combat is quite basic. You can use the left hand to drag and move left, right or up and down to dodge. On the right, it is the place for the skills of the hero. You can also choose different heroes from different races. Of course, they come from different places with the unique characteristics of fighting. You can easily recognize through their indicators and skill set.

While playing Eleria, your main task will be to fight and defeat the monsters. Sometimes, you have the extra quests to help you get more rewards. You have to use the skills well. You just have to wait for that skill to light up, then immediately click on it to use. But if you want to fight stronger, special skills and more spectacular effects, you need to learn and master the combo combinations for constantly attacking monsters. You will be given combo stats. The higher the rate is, the higher your damage rate will be, which help you kill monsters faster. Eleria also supports your automatic combat in simple missions so you can get more free time and more rewards.

Eleria mod

Developing the heroes

An indispensable part of these role-playing games is that you have to build and upgrade your heroes. In Eleria, you will also do the same. Each character will have six different types of the equipment that can be collected and customized. You can get the equipment through combat and upgrade them easily. You should keep in mind to equip with different symbols and power ratings for different types of characters. The upgrading of the skills will be similar to the equipment, so it is important to choose the appropriate equipment for your skill set.

Eleria mod


Eleria is designed with the beautiful graphics. The fighting mechanism is also simple but with the fast pace. You can also explore the story of the game through a lot of quests and fight with many powerful bosses. You can download this game using the link below and do not forget to rate the game at this article. Thanks and have a fun game!

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