Dynamite’s Action News


Surely, you have seen the animated cartoon of Cartoon production. The movie is very nice and meaningful for all ages. Even though I am an adult, I often watch the cartoon movies. Today, I found a very new game produced by Cartoon Network and would like to introduce to you. It is called Dynamite’s Action News. You will join the news reporter Dynamite Watkins to discover the sensational news and the atrocities that are threatening Lakewood Plaza.

Dynamite's Action News


Based on the world of OK, K.O! Let’s Be Heroes, the characters in the game will start exploring Lakewood Plaza and start interviewing people in search of the truth to find the evil. When you have discovered the evil, you will have a fight of a real action game with many combat situations, which were created by your simple operation.

You can use the power of a reporter with the Micro of the Truth to make the bad guys shudder. Each stage will have intense fighting as if you are in a boxing match. You will have to fight with strong opponents and defeat them to overcome the challenges.

By combining the stories, you have exploited from different people and finding the ultimate villain. The mages will often be more stubborn and you will have to fight more tensions and use more techniques for more powerful.

Dynamite's Action News

New interests

Although it is an action game, the main element of the game is still the adventure. You will travel around the city and meet different people, combining with the same fighting style as playing a music game by swiping up, down, left, right. You will dodge the opponent’s attacks or attack them to force them to tell the truth. Dynamite’s Action News will be a new story about reporters simulated through this game.

Dynamite's Action News

Graphics and sound

Simple 2D graphics and interesting hand-drawn character, which was designed very carefully, will give you a different feeling from computer games. The sounds will be very fun with the conversations of reporter Dynamite Watkins with other people.

Dynamite's Action News

Download Dynamite’s Action News Mod Apk for Android

If you are a fan of the Cartoon Network story, you cannot miss this game. You can download it now and join in the fun cartoon story like a Cartoon Network movie. If you find the game interesting, please share and evaluate it. We wish you have a fun game!

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