Dungeon Hunter Champions


Dungeon Hunter Champions is a new game from Gameloft, which was originally developed in 2017 and will be officially released on the Android operating system. It is being introduced as an RPG game. This game is like a mobile MOBA game. It will have a lot of different generals. Each of them will possess different story. Because these stories are quite long so you need to learn and explore gradually.

Dungeon Hunter Champions mod

Gameplay of Dungeon Hunter Champions

With more than 250 heroes, you will have to collect them for your battle. You will have many different ways to recruit them. For example, you can take part in the activities of the publisher or receive a reward after each match. You can upgrade equipment for the heroes as well as level them up to increase their strength. The console and battle of Dungeon Hunter Champions are quite intuitive and clear so you can quickly get acquainted and play it easily.

Dungeon Hunter Champions mod

Combined with the MOBA and ARPG genre, the game will bring you many new things that you have never seen before. With many game modes that the manufacturer gives you the various option to choose. If you like solitaire, you can choose Solo Campaign mode. If you like to fight with other players, you can choose PvP mode to challenge yourself and reaching higher rankings on the world rankings. The game will have a lot of final beams for you to challenge like the Bull Demon King or the evil dragon Elder Drake. You can show off your perfect moves, dodge and attack skills and defeat the bosses. Surely, when you win the final boss, you will receive the legendary equipment for the heroes.

Dungeon Hunter Champions mod

Graphics and music

Dungeon Hunter Champions game is carefully crafted based on their 3D platform. With bright graphics and sharp images, the game will make you feel like the real battle. Moreover, Gameloft also added the game sounds, which are heroic fit the game style, is about the war of heroes.

Dungeon Hunter Champions mod


Dungeon Hunter Champions MOD game is a refreshing and engaging game that is meticulously designed, supports multiple languages ​​and provides you with many exciting features. It promises to be a super game of the heroes. Get ready to download this game on your device and enter the world of heroes to see the charm of Dungeon Hunter Champions! Wish you have happy gaming time!

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