Dungeon Hunter 6: Curse of Heaven


The Dungeon Hunter game series was introduced to gamers around the world in 2003, and immediately attracted a lot of gamers. The game we want to introduce to you below is an extra story version of the five-part series of Dungeon Hunter, which will still be called Dungeon Hunter 6: Curse of Heaven as a favour of this game. In the game, you will still be able to participate in classic battles with the intensive battles by the legendary warriors. It would be a big mistake if you missed this game.

Dungeon Hunter 6: Curse of Heaven mod


The game has the context of the fifth part of Dungeon Hunter. In which, the world continues to be invaded by many fierce and hideous monsters. They go around and ravage the beautiful world. As a bounty hunter, you will take your sword and adventure in the vast lands for hunting down these monsters and bring peace back to the world. In addition, you can get valuable bonuses for your hunts. Let’s go and fight!

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Dungeon Hunter 6: Curse of Heaven mod

New play style

Dungeon Hunter: Curse Of Heaven will still be the traditional ARPG style that is familiar to many players. Before starting to play, you will choose a basic character. You will go through some of the character’s conversations with the instructor in the game to begin understanding more about this game. You will immediately begin to follow the instructions for receiving the missions as well as be guided by the basic operations while playing. After completing the missions, you will receive the initial reward including experience, gold as well as some equipment. Besides, in Dungeons Hunter: Curse Of Heaven, there will have a lot of quests with the main missions, which will bring more attraction to you.

In this game, you cannot complete the mission alone, because the protagonist will lose quite a lot of blood if he was hit by the monsters. In addition, the monsters also have the hard skills such as stunning, tying, and slow, which will make you difficult to fight. In addition, the powerful bosses in this game will also be the hard obstacle for you. With one wrong move, it will cause your character to die. The challenges will be difficult so you need to focus on and overwhelm everything.

Dungeon Hunter 6: Curse of Heaven mod


In Dungeons Hunter: Curse Of Heaven, you will have many character classes such as Gladiator, Shadowman, Sorcerer… Each character class will possess its own attributes and skills. You need to learn how to play each character class so that you can use them skillfully. You should combine the skill sets to optimize the power of the character. You have to try to kill the monsters in the fastest and least action unless they will be more difficult to be killed.

Dungeon Hunter: Curse Of Heaven


Dungeon Hunter: Curse Of Heaven is produced and developed by Gameloft, so it was invested quite thoroughly with beautiful 3D graphics, real moves and images. In addition, there are customizations for low configuration devices. You can adjust the graphics to suit your device.

Dungeon Hunter 6: Curse of Heaven mod


In general, this game is quite attractive and suitable for players who like action role-playing game, or want to admire the great graphics. The game was designed quite carefully promising to be the hottest game in the near future. Currently, Dungeon Hunter: Curse Of Heaven is supporting Android operating system. Therefore, the IOS users will have to wait a little more to enjoy the game. You can download the game with the link below. Wish you have a fun game!

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