Dude Theft Wars

Dude Theft Wars mod
Dude Theft Wars
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Dude Theft Wars is a sandbox game that simulates perfectly an open world and life. In the game, you will enjoy the beautiful city and many interesting things. You can do whatever you want such as exploring the city, throwing rubbish into the neighbours, breaking into the big houses and stealing their property or joining the Mafia and gangs. You can use weapons freely. You would be Jack in his story in Dude-o-polis city, which is a fascinating 3D city, and Jack wants to scramble this peaceful city to make it exciting and you will have to help him do it.

Dude Theft Wars mod

Game instruction

Like many games of the same genre, Dude Theft Wars will take you to a real-world, real-life, which directs your main character to move around and poke everything or maybe your character is only just an ordinary citizen, who always follow the rules. However, most of the players like breaking the rule. The game was designed with easy controls and intuitive interface. You will have even more fun and intriguing. It is designed in the Grand Theft Auto style but it is designed as a sandbox game so its authenticity. However, it has a little entertainment through the interesting gameplay.

Attacking the people, you can also earn a lot of money. You can use this money to buy guns or other weapons to help you fight with the police more effective. Another interesting thing is that you can use the facilities in the game and control them by tilting your phone. You can see everything is quite easy. You should be very careful to not to be killed by the police.

Dude Theft Wars mod

Other interesting features:

  • Enjoying the action game in an open world.
  • Weapon shop with many wonderful weapons like AK47, SMG, REVOLVER, SHOTGUNS…
  • Controlling many vehicles such as RAMP CAR, MONSTER TRUCK, Rc CARS or just run around the buildings and look for a car.
  • Taking the dangerous and impressive performances with your cars.
  • Franking the people and make them run scared.

Dude Theft Wars mod

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City Dude-o-polis! is an interesting city. You can try out Dude Theft Wars MOD and be a friendly neighbour or vicious killer. In addition, the manufacturer promises to bring more new features such as new vehicles, new weapons and maybe a new city, which will be the bigger city with more people… Downloading games with the links below and support us to be able to introduce you to more exciting games. Wish you have happy gaming experience!

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