Drift Max Pro – Car Drifting Game

Drift Max Pro mod

Drift Max Pro has the same developer with Drift Max game. Now, you can enjoy the drifting performance at a new level. While the appeal of survival games is almost absolute, racing games also find themselves a good position with their own charms. Now, Drift Max Pro promises to bring you the great gaming experience.

Drift Max Pro mod

The Drift Max Pro gameplay is simple. In the game, you just search for your favourite car and bring it to an endless race. It is a Drift competition to show off your skills. In challenging races with scores that are based on the ability to control your car, the more performance you create, the better the moves the more points you will get. It means that you will have more bonuses. The control of the car will not be too difficult with the familiar operation with the control keys in the left; the pedal key as well as the brake on the right. You just use your fingers. In addition, you need to keep your eyes on the racetracks if you want to race well because they are quite roundabouts with very difficult bends.

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Drift Max Pro mod

Collecting and upgrading your car

In Drift Max Pro, there are so many cars that you can find and collect. You just need a good drift. With the basic cars and have a lot of money and bonuses, you can unlock new cars with new technology and more beautiful designs. In addition, the manufacturer also allows you to refine your car perfectly to the surprise with custom features such as colour, decals, and crazy details, glass colour, size, the height, or the spoiler models.

Drift Max Pro mod

Challenging racing modes and tracks

There are many different modes that you can choose from such as Track of the Day, Classic, Slalom, Cone Smash, Perfect Drift and many other challenging and exciting challenges. Therefore, you should not skip a regime at all. In those modes, there will be a lot of difficult designed races so you should be sure to shape the races that you are prepared to participate in. You can anticipate difficult drift situations.

Drift Max Pro mod

Download Drift Max Pro Mod Apk for Android

With a beautiful graphics and intuitive interface that is easy to handle and control, Drift Max Pro MOD will make you more exciting than the racing game, which you have participated in. You can choose your car and participate in endless drift and enjoy the exciting music. Download the game and enjoy it at the like below! Wish you have a fun game!

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