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Dragon Nest M
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  • Version: 1.4.0
  • Category: Action
  • Size: 58.8 Mb
  • Update: May 31, 2019 at 2:00 am
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Dragon Nest M is a classic masterpiece that is about to be released by Korean game developers. At the moment, you can register to test it earliest. Dragon Nest M is a story that starts with the beautiful town of Prairie, where warriors begin their adventure to find their memories. They find old friends and try to recall the adventures feeling like the old days. They destroyed monsters and strong boss together or destroyed the dungeon. They are waiting for you in Dragon Nest M.

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Dragon Nest M

The dark forces have risen to summon more monsters and evil dragons to attack the beautiful towns. You will be valiant warriors against them to protect the honest people. The journey will be very long, so equipping your warrior is very important things. It will be increasingly difficult in Dragon Nest M as you get closer to the dark forces because you will need your old teammates, who fight with you. You have to practice your own skills. Because, sometimes, your fight is not only with the strong boss but also other players with high skills, which will make you difficult to cope. There are also many warrior classes such as Warrior, Cleric, Archer, Sorceress, Academic, Kali. Each warrior has different skills and combat indicators.

Dragon Nest M

Dragon Nest M is opened for you and your friends to sign up and log in so that you can receive more rewards for you to start the game easier. Many rewards await you like gold, costumes and other attractive code. In addition, there are a lot of prizes up to $ 10,000. Join now and get some cool!

Dragon Nest M

Key features of Dragon Nest M

  • Beautiful graphics and a vast world for you to adventure.
  • 6 warriors with more than 70 skill types.
  • Fighting with your friends, and joining the fierce PvP battles.
  • Personalized customization with lots of nice outfits.

The game has some violation with a lot of bloody images, and there may be virtual love or characters dressed in too sexy. Therefore, you need to pay attention when playing. Have fun!

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