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Dragon Knights is a new game that inherits the charms of Dai Shingeki! Dragon Knight, which was stopped development in 2016. But now, the famous game developer from Korea, Nexon has revived this exciting game. Both of the games have the same story but Dragon Knights will have a better graphics, music and a more interesting combat system.

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The story of Dragon Knights

In the GOM continent, three different races have lived peacefully for centuries. One day, the dark force appears and changes all the creatures on the land, which transforms the people into another form called Maju. A mysterious young man named “Yu” appears like a god in fairy tales protecting all the people.From here, the story begins.

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Play style

In Dragon Knights, you will have to learn to cooperate with other players in an online battle, which gives you the skill of teamwork for the win. Your team will consist of four members. Each of them will have different functions such as attracting the enemy, the attacker, buffing, you all have to cooperate well to win.

There will be more than 100 warriors including humans, dragons, demons or unknown creatures. You will need to recruit them and create the strongest team for attacking the Maju. It is important that you need to communicate with your teammates so that you know what the next strategy. You can create your own game and win more easily. The turn-based combat style is also worth pointing out when you will have to fight monsters each turn. Each fighter will attack the monster once and the monster will also attack once. This battle style is quite similar to Brave Frontier 2.

Dragon Knights mod


Generally, Dragon Knights have a pretty bright and beautiful graphics with cutely designed characters. But it also has some horror images of devil warriors or strange creatures. Therefore, you should be careful of seeing them. The limit of the game is still waiting for you to break so you do not miss any interesting thing from this game.

Dragon Knights mod


This game has an old story. But Nexon remakes it becoming a hot game in the near future. This game is in the trial period. If you meet any error, you can immediately respond to the manufacturer for fix it. We hope it will be a perfect game. Download Dragon Knights APK with the link below. Have a fun game!

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