Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle


From our childhood, some of us will be associated with the famous Japanese comics such as Doraemon, Conan, Dragon Ball… Today, I would like to introduce you a game made up of the story of Dragon Ball named Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle from the developer BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Inc. The game had the first launch in 2015. Now, the game has been popular and attracted the attention of gamers in the world, because the developer constantly updates new stories. On communities like Reddit, there is an exciting topic that is set up to discuss this game.


New gameplay

In the game, you will be organizing a warrior team, who appear in the story of Dragon Ball. They will use their own skills and fight the bad guys, aliens, or even the gods. With exciting action element, you will be more engaging in fights than ever.

On each level of the Dragon Ball Z of Dokkan Battle, you will be able to select a number of warriors among friends of Goku to start the fight. Following the guidance of the gods, you will find the power through the lightning balls, turn-based attacks will make it easier for you to control each warrior in battle. Each warrior will come out and attack the bad guys once and the bad guys will attack you in turn. Even if you have more turn than the enemies, you should be careful because these bad guys are very strong.

The rewards after each battle include the experience and the Zeni coins, which help your warrior level up and upgrade their power for more intense battles. You will have a chance to enjoy the characters’ competition and experience the classic battles in Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle.


Interesting adventures

The battles will take place through many ages. In the game, the characters may come from the future. The warrior, Trunks is the son of Vegeta. He is a character from the future, who will start the adventure with you for destroying the monsters and prevent future disasters at the present time.

In Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle, you will go through each of the different story points, appearing in the sharper animations on the sharper maps. There will have useful items for your adventures. You can collect and use it in your battles.


Graphics and sound

The graphics are very nice as a 3D animated movie. All characters have their own unique and fashionable styles. The beautiful skill effects bring a very good feeling for you. The sound is also quite vibrant with background music that could have been taken from the Dragon Ball Z animated films.



The Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle is the great game that you can play often to recall the old days as well as discover more stories, which are constantly updated according to the story of Dragon Ball Z, have been writing by the writers and filmmakers. Finally, if you find this game interesting, please share and evaluate it for supporting us. Wish you have a fun game!

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