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Today, I would like to introduce to you a game about the story of Dragon Ball, named Dragon Ball Legends. It has been released by Bandai Namco Entertainment America. Recently, a great trailer video has shown. It was exciting to be able to continue the story of Dragon Ball. The main characters have been your favourite one for a long time, promised to bring you more interesting than the game about the story Dragon Ball before.


Story of Dragon Ball Legends

On March 20, Bandai Namco Entertainment has officially announced the official name of the game that will be available to gamers around the world, which is “Dragon Ball Legends”. The game will be available for free on Google Play and App store. It will be distributed areas such as Japan, North America, Europe and Asia. The game is expected to add some other regions and is supported up to 6 languages including Japan, England, France, Germany, Korea and China. The game is officially launching in Japan on March 21st, 2018.


Simple gameplay

Goku’s journey to find and protect Goku’s dragon will never end as Toriyama Akira recently released a news story in 2018 with a new adventure for Goku. Dragon Ball Legends will be designed to make your fighting easier with a simple layout including a bloody bar, a character statue, and the skills will be neatly arranged right 1above the blood bar.

The battles will take place in a 3D environment with very simple views of opponents, skills and surroundings. The game promises to make a good playing experience. The players should always keep an eye on the blue energy, which your skills will need to make it your deciding factor. You have to combine the skills quickly to create a powerful combo on the opponent, which will give you more advantages in battles.


The world war

In addition, another interesting feature of Dragon Ball Legends is that you will be fighting with other players around the world via the internet connection, which is the real battle because many players have good skills and creativity. They will create combos, dodge skills and be very good attacks. You should stay calm and fight to achieve high rank in this world war.



The game was created with the most beautiful 3D graphics. The characters with meticulously designed images will be a great plus point for the game. The skill effects are also worth mentioning. The greatness of the characters in the game will be remade very sincerely accompanied by the collision effects of the explosion. Everything can make you very excited.

Dragon Ball Legends


Although there are a lot of games like Dragon Ball, it still attracts a lot of gamers. Dragon Ball Legends will be no exception, it may also be better than ever. Download it and experience it now! If you like it, do not forget to share it with everyone. Have a fun game!

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