Drag Sim 2018

Drag Sim 2018

The racing genre always attracts many gamers and has always brought a lot of suspense and appeal. Today, we would like to introduce to you such a game called Drag Sim 2018. In the game, you can possess the unique cars to join the wonderful races and enjoy the amazing speed.

The gameplay

Drag Sim 2018 is a new game, in which you will be competing with short-distance racers. Your racing competition will be taken place very fast so you need to do your best to overcome the opponent in the next lane. The game will be watched in the first-view angle. It will give you the ability to observe better and have a good feeling.

It will be very difficult for you when the opponents are also very fast and powerful. It’s better for you to play with the easy opponents first. When you get more skill and a good car, you can challenge any other players to get the great rewards. You can use that rewards to upgrade your car’s engine, or you can buy yourself a completely new car with good technology parameters.

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An abundant unique cars collection

This game will provide you with a huge amount of vehicles which you will have more than 70 new cars. There will also be many classes for you such as supercars, pick-up trucks, trucks, etc. In addition, you will be allowed to customize your car to make it stand out and more powerful. You will see that controlling your cars will have a really special feeling, as the great designs come from the manufacturer.

Drag Sim 2018 mod

The design and sound

Drag Sim 2018 is designed with a beautiful 3D graphics. Everything in the game will be handled in a realistic way. The environment is also produced by manufacturers with a lot of interesting highlights. In addition, the game sounds are quite exciting with the engine noise, the siren, and the rumble of the engine … which will give you a very interesting experience in the racing genre.

Drag Sim 2018 mod


Drag Sim 2018 MOD is a new game in this racing genre. However, with great gameplay and beautiful graphics, it promises to become the most popular racing game in 2018. Currently, the game is available on both Android and IOS platforms so you can download and enjoy it easily. Have a fun game!

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