Dimension Summoner: Hero Arena 3D Fantasy RPG

Dimension Summoner

Recently, the publisher PopPace has launched a new role-playing game called Dimension Summoner: Hero Arena 3D Fantasy RPG. The game has fascinating gameplay, promising to bring player the new gaming experiences. It gives you lots of fun to play, new lands and endless wars. You are the light and hope for every land in the Dimension Summoner.



The lands are being shaken by the power of the devils coming from hell, they are always attacking the land. With the cruelty of all creatures, everything will be burned. You will be the last hope. These evil forces can only be controlled by the power from other dimensions, so you have to practice to summon those powers and destroy the monsters, throw them back to hell where they were born.


Playstyle of Dimension Summoner

In Dimension Summoner, you will select one of the eight heroes, male or female, choose a suitable name and fight immediately. In the beginning, you will be a fight with a monster, is also the way to introduce the gameplay from the publisher, so you can enter the game quickly and easily.

In each level of the game, you will choose the heroes for yourself and take them to the 3D battlefield, in which the heroes and monsters will fight each other in turn. Your hero attacks once and the monsters will attack once. It is very fair. You will have more heroes when you level up and unlock the boxes in the compass displaying the heroes in front of you. The levels that you can unlock the heroes are 1, 3, 5, 11 and 25. You have to note that to have more heroes.

The heroes will have different characteristics and skills, so you should choose a team of your own with suitable attacking and defensive indicators. When the power is maximum, the heroes will blink, and you have to click on them to perform their skills. You can also change the position of the hero to have a tactical match with each opponent.


Abundant hero collection

You can choose from hundreds of heroes from the world of Dimension Summoner to work with your character to defeat the devil. In addition to an indispensable element of the role-playing game that you can upgrade your hero, you can also upgrade other heroes in the team to make their stats higher.

If you want to upgrade them, unlock and collect the heroic pieces and when you have enough material, you can unlock them. You should remember the higher the heroes are, the more difficult for you to collect the relative materials. It requires your work more.


Beautiful graphics

Your battles in the Dimension Summoner will take place in many different 3D locations with stunningly beautiful and vivid scenery. The heroes’ skills are also very beautiful with many effects. Come on, fight and protect this beautiful thing from the devils!



In short, the Dimension Summoner is a fascinating and rewarding game for you to experience. After playing this game, I am quite interested in unlocking the heroes and waiting to see what their skills are. These things always fascinate me in all games with this feature. Finally, if you find the game interesting, please share it. We wish you have great gaming time!

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