Diamond Diaries Saga

Diamond Diaries Saga mod apk
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Of course, many of us are familiar with Candy Crush Saga, which is so popular game in almost every phone in the world. Even if you play Candy Crush Saga more or less, I must confess that this is an addictive game. Today, we do not want to introduce to you more about Candy Crush Saga, which we want to introduce a new game in the King award-winning game category named Diamond Diaries Saga. This will be a new and fun game revolving around diamonds. You will have to find ways to solve the puzzle and make the diamond the more valuable jewellery.

Diamond Diaries Saga mod apk

The gameplay

Diamond Diaries Saga still has a familiar Match-3 style, but the style has improved a lot since the first Match-3 game. You will not move the stones left or right to form the row. Instead, you will now draw lines to connect the same coloured stones and make them explode. You have to draw at least three same stones for making the explosion. You can draw freely without any limitation. You can link a lot of stones together without the unrestricted amount. You have to try to destroy as many stones as possible to get the diamond to the rope and create the jewellery.

Each level you play will have different tasks on the amount of jewellery that you have to collect, from which you try to put the diamonds to the target line. You will also be limited to the number of moves in the screen. Each level will have certain turns for you to draw and you need to earn enough diamonds before the drawing ends. Otherwise, you have to play again. Of course, Diamond Diaries Saga will be quite similar to other King Match-3 games that you will be evaluated based on the number of stones that you have connected. Your position will be ranked worldwide by the star rating, with up to 3 stars. The more stars you get, the faster you level up.

Diamond Diaries Saga mod apk

The abundant level system

Diamond Diaries Saga is built with a rich and attractive level system, the number of the level will be much for you to enjoy playing. These scenarios will be arranged into long paths that run through beautiful cities. In addition, the layout and design of the game process are also unique. In which, the stones will be put into different shapes so that they can freely roll, even the stones will be putting in magical barrels to create more interesting things.

Diamond Diaries Saga mod apk

The graphics and sound

As per the design of Diamond Diaries Saga, you will quickly recognize that it is a Match-3 style game because of its typical features. With the simple graphics and a lot of bright colours, the game will bring a leisure time for the players. In addition, there will be many beautiful and exciting effects from the explosions of many stones, and many other unique effects in the game stages. The sound of the game is very nice, in which you will enjoy the gentle sound as in a fairy world, combined with that many pleasant sounds from the stones or from the explosions. They will create a more interesting feeling for players.

Diamond Diaries Saga mod apk


Diamond Diaries Saga MOD is a unique game with a simple gameplay. King producer wants to develop their strengths that are the Match-3 puzzle games. Recently, we have introduced a pretty engaging role-playing game from King producer named Legend of Solgard, which you should try out. Lastly, Diamond Diaries Saga is available for download at our bottom link. Do not forget to share and evaluate the game in our article. Thanks and have a fun game!

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