Destiny Warfare/Infinity Ops is a shooting game with science fiction content, which is about a future event where people have overcome the limits of technological development and entered a period of brilliant development with wars across space and throughout the planet. Destiny Warfare/Infinity Ops is a new product of Azur Interactive Games Limited, which promises to bring you the ultimate battle with unbelievable weapons. Destiny Warfare is original name. After that, it was renamed as Infinity Ops. Therefore, you do not misunderstand about its name. Let’s download and enjoy it now!

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Infinity Ops mod

Play style

Destiny Warfare/Infinity Ops has great gameplay, which focuses on the PvP battles. It offers you two main modes including Team Deathmatch and Deathmatch. You can fight all against Deathmatch alone. However, at the same time, it is also possible for other players to form teams in Team Deathmatch mode and fight with another team. In addition, you can create rooms with your own rules and invite your friends and other players for taking part in battles.

With intuitive and easy controls, this game allows you to catch up quickly. Because these are battles through the planets so the manufacturer has given different elements in the force, which will help you jump high and far. It also makes your running with faster speed than normal. The rewards will be provided by the manufacturer regularly through the battle and the log on daily so you try hard and do not miss anything.

Infinity Ops mod

Attractive weapons

In the future, when things are very strong, it means that the weapons will not be the same as you imagine. They will have the new design and use more powerful bullets such as plasma. Each type has its own features and characteristics so you need to learn and exploit them carefully. Furthermore, the manufacturer also allows you to improve your equipment as well as your character’s weapon so that you can upgrade your strength. Each character will have its own characteristics and you will always need to buy additional items for the character such as medical first aid, bombs, mines…

Infinity Ops mod


The graphic is one of the highlights of Destiny Warfare/Infinity Ops, which was produced with the 3D platform with a very detailed character and combat map, will bring you a very compelling and engaging experience. Moreover, it is possible to customize the graphics to match the configuration of your device so that there will be no lag.

Infinity Ops mod


It can be said that Destiny Warfare/Infinity Ops is a very good FPS game in 2018 along with many other super games. You should not ignore this game for your recreation. If you love this game, you can download it with the link below. Wish you have a fun game!

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