Demon Hunter 4: Riddles of Light

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The story of the ancient world is always the human mystery, curiosity and imagination, which will make you feel thrilled. Now, the story that you are always looking for will be in the game Demon Hunter 4. Once again, the power of darkness appears, and an evil god has kidnapped Dawn Ashmoore. There is only Dawn Ashmoore niece, Lila, can save her. Lila is ready to take her journey to rescue her aunt without hesitation at all. The journey will take Lila through the mysterious ruins of Ancient Egypt, discover and neutralize the mystery of the bad goddess, who had kidnapped Dawn Ashmoore. The mystery is the light to find the key to defeat the gods.

Demon Hunter 4

Demon Hunter 4 is a detective story, in which Lila will find the clues left over in the ruins, and connect them together to find the correct solution. There are a lot of difficulties through the small game to find the answer. You have to graft the picture to receive the keys, or pair the stone pieces into a large stone picture to see how does the story happen?

Demon Hunter 4

Key Features of Demon Hunter 4:

  • Meeting the ancient gods in the history of Egypt.
  • Solving puzzles and facing evil forces.
  • Collecting objects and excavating the relics.
  • Beautiful graphics.
  • The game is designed and optimized for phones and tablets.

The story of Demon Hunter 4 is quite interesting for detective and quizzes lovers. It will be harder and harder to get your mind and judgment faster. Join the world of Egyptian gods in Demon Hunter new adventure!

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