Dead Rivals – Zombie MMO

Dead Rivals - Zombie MMO mod
Dead Rivals – Zombie MMO
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Dead Rivals – Zombie MMO is a new MMORPG from Gameloft, which is the first fully animated online role-playing game on the mobile genre. In which, you will be exploring the vast world, building your own arsenal and mastering the competitive PvP arena with other players in a survival battle.

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The world has been threatened by a strange disease, which made most humans becoming zombies. You will be one of the survivors and go to the survival house in Colorado. You should save everyone and build a community against the hungry zombies who constantly seek food. You can create a hero and join a team fighting with disgusting enemies for getting experience points and exciting rewards.

The gameplay of Dead Rivals

In the world of Dead Rivals, you have to choose a character in three unique character classes, which you can customize many things for your characters such as style, hair, face or eye, to have a certain kind of comfort. When you have selected the character, you will begin with some basic instructions of the game to move, shoot and attack. You will be fighting with some weak zombies to practice your skills, keep a close eye on the monsters and keep away from the red alert. There will always be a lot of quests to work on so you do not hesitate to step into the battle for survival right now.

The movement of Dead Rivals is quite simple, which you just control the pointer in the lower left corner and drag it to the direction that you want to move. Your character will immediately move there. On the lower right corner, it is a place of your weapons, including five boxes. You can put the guns into these boxes for easily using. But you should be aware that these boxes only open when you are at the right level. Collecting more items for your character to gain more resilience, search for all the rewards and upgrade everything you need.

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Key features

  • Selecting, customizing and upgrading your character.
  • Researching and developing your weapons.
  • Online PvP battles.
  • Establishment of shelters and buildings upgrades.
  • Many interesting tasks and rewards.
  • There are many unique and strange outfits.

Dead Rivals - Zombie MMO


Dead Rivals MOD is a carefully designed game that has a long testing time so that the producer can create the most engaging and addictive game in the world. With the nice graphics and realistic sound, this game will be another successful Gameloft game.

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