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Dead Light is a great game, which contains a scary story, provided by OneTonGames publisher. This is a thrilling online survival game. In which you will be with 3 other players fighting with a ruthless killer with a chainsaw looks like Leatherface, who has appeared in many thriller films on television.

Dead Light mod


In Dead Light, you will be selected one of four different characters including Harry Horn, Edward Lawn, Alice Moore, Kate Darkwood. You will immediately find a match. You have to wait a bit until the system finds 3 more players to join with you in this war of survival. When all the players are brought to the cemetery that will make you feel horrible immediately. You need to quickly move around and find the generator. There will be five generators. You need to work with other players to fix these generators for getting enough power to open the cemetery gate.

Dead Light mod

It is difficult for you to look for the generators, which are hidden behind the graves or in the groves. You have to quickly find them and call your teammates to repair the machine because the more people come, the faster the progress will be. The killer will always be following you. He will bring the saw to attack and hang the victim up in the graveyard until they die. If your team is hung up, you will see the signal in the top left corner. You have to quickly find, save them and together continue to run away. Dead Light needs a lot of teammates. If you leave your teammates behind, you will surely take defeat.

Dead Light mod

The character

Producers have created four characters with their own stories. But they all have the same thing that is the disappearance.

  • Harry Horn is a successful businessman, who is very friendly and kind. But there is something weird about him. Harry likes walking at night alone so that nothing can bother him. One day, he went, he walked around and suddenly he disappeared into the air.
  • Edward is a mediocre man with a loving wife and two small children. He loves his job and is always willing to help animals. One month ago, in the middle of the night, he received a call. He was asked to come to his clinic to make an emergency case. Edward quickly got into the car and went to the clinic. He was never seen again.
  • Alice Moore is the most famous star girl in college. She loves the attention. On the first day of summer vacation, Alice went to a party with friends, but no one has seen her again.
  • Kate Darkwood works as a general manager in a small street cafe. She does not like her job, but it is better than unemployment at all. Nowadays, it is very difficult to find a job in her country. One evening, she closed the cafe and stayed in the office to count the bill. The next day she did not come to work.

Dead Light mod

Download Dead Light for Android

Dead Light MOD offers you a unique online gaming experience. With a basic 3D graphics combined with the awesome sound, you will not be able to miss a horror game like this. In the game, you can work with the people to fight the killer, escape from the cemetery and back home. You can download the game at the link below. Have a great game!

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