DC Unchained

DC Unchained
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Last time, I introduced you to Marvel Strike Force, a game of Marvel superheroes. Today, I will introduce you to another game about DC superheroes named DC Unchained (DC 언 체인 드). This is the latest announcement from Creative Lab that will be released officially on March 26, 2018, in 13 Asian countries. In the first trial, the player will be tested and fix the bug for the official version.

DC Unchained


DC Unchained is an MMORPG fighting game in real time. The character in the game is created very similarly to the comic book of the same name, which possesses a fascinating action role-playing game. This game is attracting a lot of gamers all over the world. Setting in the New York City of America in winter, the war of superheroes will take place. The aliens want to invade the earth. Let’s destroy them with your super Heroes!

DC Unchained

Simple gameplay

DC Unchained has a simple gameplay. It is still the battle of the superhero, who possesses the superpower against evil villains and aliens. Your task is to form a group of three Heroes, consisting of the main character controlled by you and another two characters.

In the dangerous battles of the game, you will slowly unlock all your stages and find out the secrets of the evil behind the scenes. The publisher, Creative Lab has said that there will be 60 stages. You should very careful at any level of the game and quickly come up with the right tactics and beautiful skills for defeating your enemy.

You can easily move your superhero with a mobile phone. If you choose the device with widescreen, it will give you a better gaming experience, which can use the skills of the superhero better. You can choose your squad and search for justice right now.

DC Unchained

Character system

In DC Unchained, There are total 30 superheroes, all of whom are well-known in DC Comics. The producer of Creative Lab has promised to constantly update the new superheroes into this fascinating game. The game will also have most of the rebellious characters that have made it difficult for superheroes like the Joker, Lex Luthor… You will be seen the superheroes with the evil to guard the justice. It will be an enjoyable experience not to be missed.

DC Unchained

Graphics and sound

DC Unchained will be a beautiful 3D comic game, with many beautiful effects when heroes use skills, such as when Flash runs with thunderbolt effect; Superman punches will create much smoke. All of them will create a quality game. The sound of the game is quite vibrant due to the large attacks, aircraft, missiles, and even the skills of the superheroes, which will bring you much more excited.

DC Unchained


In general, DC Unchained will be a great game for you to experience at the present time when you can be transformed into superhero protecting the justice. The game is currently supporting two operating systems, Android and iOS. You can download it and join the exciting battles! Wish you have happy gaming experience!

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