DanMachi MEMORIA FREESE is a very exciting game from the manufacturer Ellation, Inc. Although the game was developed by western developers, the game was a Japanese anime style. Because western producers have seen the potential and the number of gamers who loved it. The anime style is very potential, so we have been developing a lot of titles in this style. Let’s have a little fun with this game before trying it out.


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DanMachi MEMORIA FREESE will take you into the world of Orario, in which you can build an army of your own girls and take them into the dungeons and fight the monsters. You will communicate with your characters and find out the reasons that monsters reappear and danger the world so much. Getting into the game and fighting for you to become the highest rank in the Orario world full of mystery and challenge.


Familiar gameplay

DanMachi MEMORIA FREESE will have quite a familiar battle style, which is the simple turn-based strategy. You just need to recruit some girls and gather them into a team and lead them immediately into the battle in the dungeon. The monsters will appear in waves on your way. When meeting with them, your task is to choose the monster you attacked and activate the fight for your characters by clicking on the monster. The tactics you need to take into account are the skills of the girls. You have to find how to find and organize them together perfectly and create the most powerful tactical team that will make it easy to win the monsters as well as in intense PvP battles with other players.

When you call for the attack, your girls will attack the monsters with their weapons, then the monsters will also attack the girls. The fight will end when one of the two sides are dead. You should always pay attention to the bloodlines of your characters. You will receive the rewards when the monsters have died including experience points and powerful stones. You can use these rewards for upgrading your girls and unlocking new girls.


Many new things

Beautiful Anime girls are waiting for you to discover. Each of them has their own story. You just click on the girl and read their story for more about them. Besides, you can change the costumes for your girls to create new and fun gameplay. Discover the cities of Orario, you can travel in different cities during the rest and upgrades for the characters, then back to the cave and continue the exciting battle.



The game is designed with 2D graphics. But DanMachi MEMORIA FREESE will be a fun game because it is designed carefully. The story was written by creator Fujino Iammori. The images of the characters are drawn very carefully. The characters in the game are voiced by Japanese.



In short, if you are an anime fan, you should try this game because it is new and interesting, which has been attracting a lot of gamers. Downloading it and challenging yourself in the difficult modes. DanMachi MEMORIA FREESE MOD is released on both Android and IOS operating system so you can comfortably challenge yourself. Wish you happy gaming experience!

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