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CrossFire: Legends is the online shooter game with the first view angle released in Korea in 2007 and then in many other countries around the world including Japan, Vietnam, China, USA, UK, Canada… At that time, this game created a trend of FPS genres around the world with a large number of players and large communities. After a long time researching and understanding the needs and interests of CrossFire: Legends players in the Chinese market, Tencent Games producer was launched this game on the mobile. The manufacturer has conducted the thousands of tests before creating a complete mobile version to ensure that players have the same feel as playing on a PC. Let’s learn a bit about this game!

CrossFire: Legends mod

Fighting style

About CrossFire: Legends PC version, you will be given a choice of either Black List (BL) or Global Risk (GR) to fight in a battle. In which, you can join the team of 8 members and start fighting with another team. You will have two choices including classic fight like an FPS shooter game and survival fight like PUBG. In classic combat mode, it is like CrossFire: Legends PC version. In the survival battle mode, Tencent brings us a familiar survival game like PUBG Mobile, which is making a trend in the mobile gaming market.

CrossFire: Legends mod

In the survival battle mode, you have to find the match, in which you will be put on a compartment of the aircraft. This time, you will actually stay in this compartment and move inside it to wait for the players. If you have 120 players then the plane will start to take you to the island where you will fight. You will not land with a parachute. Instead, you will land on the roller coaster. When you finish landing, the first thing you have to do is looking for equipment and weapons in some buildings for protecting yourself from other players. You can start moving around the houses and bushes to look for opponents and knock them down for getting the trophies, which fall from them. You have to try to collect as many items as possible.

The difficulty will come when the safety circle starts narrowing and you have to move inside. You can use any means to move faster into the safe area. The game also allows you to create a team with friends to fight together. Your teammates will display blue and the distance in the frame, so keep moving side by side for supporting each other.

CrossFire: Legends mod

Great combination

With the perfect combination of the two fighting types in a game, which seem not to be special. But it is very new and quite convenient for those who love shooting games on mobile. In the game, you can easily pick an FPS match for yourself in the familiar map. When you feel less interesting with FPS combat, you can immediately switch to the game of survival, which is very convenient because everything will be in one game with just an account and a character only.

CrossFire: Legends mod


The game is using a high-quality graphics and modern technology, which make it easy to switch between game modes. In addition, the sharp and real images are no less than PUBG, which will bring you a good experience. In addition, CrossFire: Legends uses dual joysticks for control, which makes your operations easer to have more precise and perfect operation when playing the game.

CrossFire: Legends mod


CrossFire: Legends MOD is a fun and addictive game for those who like action shooters. It brings players the new features by combining elements of different combats. Currently, the game is available on Android. You can download it by using the link below. Have a fun game!

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