Crazy Defense Heroes

Crazy Defense Heroes
Crazy Defense Heroes
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The game genre has always attracted many players and today I have discovered a new game in this category called Crazy Defense Heroes. This is still a familiar type of castle defence, in which you will be leading a team of heroes to fight against the evil forces in the world of Crazy Defense Heroes. You will be the designer of your buildings for protecting yourself.

Crazy Defense Heroes


Crazy Defense Heroes is a great card game and tower defences, so you can fully test the defence of the tower guard and the heroes in the cards before the attack to stop the monsters. At each level, you can build the corresponding towers at hot spots along the path where the monsters will be passing. You can use coins falling from monsters to summon cards of the stronger Heroes. You can choose a deck of cards with different heroes before each battle. When you are in the battle, you can customize them.

Each unit in the game serves a certain purpose and only if you combine them in the most reasonable way will they be able to optimize power in battles. For example, you can summon several cards containing a dragon and it will have wide-ranged attacks, which are suitable for attacking the herd of the monsters, or you summon a magus that can cast spells and cause great effects on monsters such as slowing or burn them.

Crazy Defense Heroes

Many interesting things

You will have more than 90 heroes. It will take a long time to gather and understand the strategies to combine them. There will also be more than 500 levels for you to explore and fight. They will be updating more and more. You should keep checking your tactics continually for Crazy Defense Heroes weekly challenges and receive exciting and unexpected bonuses.

Crazy Defense Heroes

Key features:

  • Automatically replaying an AI will help you play the game when you do not have free time.
  • Connecting and joining the fight with many other players in the world.
  • There are more than 20 heroes, 90 tokens and 500 levels for you.
  • Editing your own avatar.
  • Building more tower defence.

Crazy Defense Heroes


Crazy Defense Heroes has a nice Chibi-style graphics, classic characters and fun designing, which promise to bring players hours of entertainment with the smartphones. There are also many specially designed combat locations so you do not get bored when playing.

Crazy Defense Heroes


In short, Crazy Defense Heroes is the latest game in this genre, which is built by the most quirky producers. With their own creativity, they will take you to a new world. Let’s download and experience it. If it is fun, please share it with everyone. Wish you have fun game!

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