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Following the success of the game, Quadropus Rampage, the Butterscotch Shenanigans production team has continued to release a more complete product called Crashlands. This game has been on the market for more than 2 years but its charm is not reduced but also increased, so what made this game get the attention of many people? Let’s join us for some reason and some tips to help you play this game better!

Crashlands apk

History of development

First, we will talk about the development history of this game. Crashlands is a game created by a small producer of only 3 members (currently number 10 or more). This has created the motivation for Crashlands to become one of the greatest games compared with many other games in the same category. It has a fascinating gameplay with a number of funny elements throughout the game, which is one of the reasons for Crashlands unexpected success. Before the game Don’t Starve demonstrated its uniqueness on the PC platform, Crashlands also created an exclusive position on the mobile platform.

Crashlands apk

Interesting story

On a voyage, the Flux Dabes driver encountered an unexpected accident and was forced to land on a planet, Woanope. When he landed on the planet, the package was stolen. Flux Dabes must find a way to survive on this planet and try to find the missing package again. You will join with Flux Dabes to explore the mystery of ancient, deadly secrets, and the dark plot that is destroying the world. The plot of Crashlands is simple and completely open to the player. It is also the freestyle of an Indie game.

Crashlands apk

Interesting game title

Game indie (Independent video game), or independent video game, is created by individuals or small groups without the financial support of any game maker. Game indie has witnessed rapid growth in recent years due to the development of new tools and methods of online distribution. Indie games often focus on innovation and are based on digital marketing. Studio indie is a term used to refer to independent game development studios, which are invested by individuals or small groups who want to develop an indie game as mentioned above.

In Crashlands, the controls are easy to get used to. The players just touch anywhere on the map to move there. When a better item is needed, the player must collect data about the item (by unlocking the monster). Items will be created based on recipes and accessory items. For more advanced items, you will need to build a higher class home. Although this is a survival game, it never dies because there is no such thing as a character (like food, water). Flux Dabes driver will wake up after dropping the blood to 0 and add some penalty effects.


Training and coaching

Pets are very important in any modern role-playing game. Crashlands has shown itself to be different from other games of the same genre through its pet battle system. With each monster you face in the game, you have the opportunity to own them if you meet the following conditions: the soul of that species, some items from nature or from the monster, and the formula to call it. When you win, the beast will always be with you and is very helpful in long battles. In addition, you must build a nest for them so that when necessary you will exchange pets. Each player can only carry one in the meantime, so you need to consider choosing a suitable pet. The pet battle system was carefully designed by butterscotch shenanigans. Monsters will not be stronger and stronger as usual, but each one has its own unique features. This makes Crashlands both tactical and subtle role-playing.

Crashlands apk

The huge map

Crashlands has a very large map. You cannot complete exploring the map for 80 hours, which is really very difficult for all players. Of course, there will be some Woanope places that are designed repeatedly. However, the layout of the map is very well-designed, you will hardly see boring. There will be some items that are hard to find in the area around the base village, which forces the player to move to a faraway place and go on endlessly. Crashlands have a great calculation and arrangement makes the game more attractive. If you are tired of hunting monster, you can build the base.


The design

Crashlands has the unique graphics. The characters are designed to look dangerous but fun. Sometimes, the hero of Flux looks is as evil as the monsters. The game is designed with a lot of unique 2D images, combined with a familiar top-down perspective which will provide an enjoyable experience for the player. The music is mysterious and playful, depending on the circumstances that the music will sound very appropriate. Crashlands has a lot of advantages, but sometimes the advantage of the mobile platform is unintentionally flawed, Crashlands overwhelm the players with the abundant item system, the huge maps. The difficulty levels will be more and more with the monsters later when they accumulate and attack…

Crashlands apk


Overall, Crashlands APK has been designed by Butterscotch Shenanigans game maker for a long time. It is their unrelenting effort by creating a variety of small games to accumulate experience. They are constantly listening to the opinions of players to gradually improve their game. Enjoy and leave a review of this fascinating game and be sure to check out the new game from Butterscotch Shenanigans. Have fun a fun game!

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