Counter fort invader: CS shooting

Counter Fort Invader mod
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Action shooter games always give the player the attractive feeling, which always attracts many players around the world. The well-known manufacturers are also ready to make the action shooting games on PC / consoles become popular on mobile devices. While waiting for those super games to launch, you can enjoy a new product called Counter Fort Invader: CS Shooting from Creation Game Studio. The game promises to give the players the new experiences on your mobile device.

Counter Fort Invader: CS Shooting

The simple gameplay

Counter Fort Invader: CS Shooting is designed with all the simple and familiar manipulations. In the game, you just drag the round button to your left to move characters. On the right, they will be the attack and control keys. You will have to combine these two controls together to play the game more efficient. You need to get used to the surrounding environment quickly through combat. Your enemies can appear everywhere so you need to focus on preparing for the fight. Your mission will not be too strange. You will have to destroy the enemy or rescue the hostages, who were kidnapped by the terrorists.

Counter Fort Invader: CS Shooting

Abundant map collection

In the game, there are 4 maps: Deserts, Middle East, industrial parks and chemical plants. These maps are designed truly and will have a lot of unique scenery, which will also be good for you in hiding. But it will also make it difficult for your observation. Sometimes, the enemy will rely on the complexity of the terrain to attack you so you need to be careful in every step.

Counter Fort Invader: CS Shooting

The weapons

You will be using 11 great guns such as rifles, pistols, or heavy guns… You should practice each gun nicely and improve your skills. Keep practising hard and feeling the attraction in defeating enemies. You do not need to worry too much about the lack of ammunition because they are everywhere.

Counter Fort Invader: CS Shooting

The graphics and sound

Counter Fort Invader: CS Shooting is designed with the beautiful 3D graphics, which will take you to the real battlefield. The sound of the game is also very exciting. You can listen to the footsteps to determine the location of the enemy. In addition, the sound of guns recorded from the real weapons, you will have an attractive experience and will definitely love your guns.

Counter Fort Invader: CS Shooting


Counter Fort Invader: CS Shooting will have great potential for development. Hopefully, in the near future, it will become the most attractive game in the world. It is easy to play combines with the beautiful design, which will make the game interesting. Although it has just launched, it has had more than 100 installs and is growing fast. You can download it to your Android device and enjoy the great battle right now! Have a fun game!

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