Command & Conquer: Rivals

Command & Conquer: Rivals mod
Command & Conquer: Rivals
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Recently, ELECTRONIC ARTS game maker officially announced the launch of a game called Command & Conquer: Rivals on mobile devices. The game maker is opening a Pre-registration for this game on the Google store. They will announce the game at the upcoming EA Play event. This game will bring a lot of strategic elements like Clash Royale.

In the game, you will also be fighting for protecting your base and attacking opponents through the fighting lines.
EA is the big game maker that we have ever introduced to you with The Sims mobile game. There are some famous EA games such as FIFA and Star Wars. These game games always bring them the huge profits. EA always wants to claim more of its brand by breaking into mobile games. Let’s explore this new EA game!

Command & Conquer: Rivals mod

The abundant strategy

You will lead your army to the victory in the battle for Tiberium. You will fight with your enemies and customize your army with your tactics. You have to beat your opponents with PvP battles. You need to pick the most rational and unique strategies to win the game. In this battle, the skilful controlling is the key of victory.

In Command & Conquer: Rivals, the strategy behind your skills is the key factor. You will be able to choose a commander to lead your army. Each commander will have different leadership abilities and their own prominence. In addition, you have to customize your army to match the unique abilities of the commander then activate the awesome weapons.

Command & Conquer Rivals mod

Other attractions

When you connect to battles, you can communicate with them in real-time. You will be choosing one of the two sides including Global Defense Initiatives and the Brotherhood of Nod. You have to enhance your army by completing daily challenges for great rewards and improving the abilities of your commanders, weapons and tactics. Let’s develop your army for the top ranking.

Command & Conquer: Rivals mod


Command & Conquer: Rivals is a great tactical game from a well-known maker. This game will be able to bring you tactical elements. This game promises to be the most popular strategy game this summer so you can sign up to experience this exciting game early. If you register early, you can get the package. The bonus includes many exciting rewards for you. Wish you have great gaming time!

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