Combat Assault: FPP Shooter

Combat Assault: FPP Shooter

In the past, when talking about the shooting action games, you will think of games that have a lot of characters resembling policemen with weapons and fighting in a variety of exciting locations. They are very familiar and can never fade in the minds of gamers who love shooting action game genre. Combat Assault: FPP Shooter is also a very addictive action shooter game with a familiar style and design that will help you remember some of the fun memories of previous games.

Combat Assault: FPP Shooter

Familiar gameplay

Action shooter games are sure to be no stranger to the great gameplay, in which you will become a warrior and engage in the intense gun battles. Your battles will be accompanied by many missions of each mode. But the main task will be to shoot and defeat as many enemies as possible. But this will not be easy, especially when your opponent is a skilled player. Now, what do you need to do? If you are an old and passionate war, I do not need to tell you what you must do to win the number one position. If you are a newcomer, you will have to train a lot.

In Combat Assault: FPP Shooter, you need to pay more attention. First, as your move, it is very important because it will greatly affect your ability to survive and fight. You have to take advantage of the terrain of the map to move and fight. You should try to move closer to the wall and other obstacles to limit the enemy’s attack angle. But you should not stand in a narrow corner because will be very limited observation. You will also need to pay attention to the weapons you are using. Sometimes, the gun is not suitable for you. For example, I do not like to use a shotgun and just prefer to use a shotgun to kill the enemy, the weapons that will help you fight more effectively. When your skills are much better, you can practice with more weapons.

Combat Assault: FPP Shooter

Another great feature

Combat Assault: FPP Shooter has a lot of interesting features compare with other shooter games, which allow you to enhance your character for greater power and more effective combat. I think of an RPG. You can also have a lot of weapons to choose from such as the AK47, M4A1, AWM; and other powerful guns such as shotguns and machine guns. You can equip unique guns.

This game also has similarities with other classic games, as you will be able to be ranked in interesting ways, you will be promoted by winning the battle. When achieved the high ranking, you will have lots of attractive prizes.

Combat Assault: FPP Shooter

The Graphics

Combat Assault: FPP Shooter has the nice 3D graphics, with beautiful images. There will be an extensive map system that you will find quite familiar, but there are also many unique new maps available only in this game. Moreover, this game has also been optimized for many devices. Even weak devices can also play in a smoother and more efficiently.

Combat Assault: FPP Shooter


In short, Combat Assault: FPP Shooter is a great game with many familiar elements. You should not miss the fun things that the game can bring. You can download the game at the bottom link and install it. Do not forget to evaluate this game for supporting us to find the better games in the future! Thanks and have a fun game!

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