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Surely, you know Supercell game maker, which is one of the world’s famous mobile game makers. Although they have released a few games, their games have attracted tens of millions of players. Clash Royale is one of their five most exciting games. The appeal of this game is unquestionable, which has been proved by more than 100 million installs on the Play Store and App Store, which also brought Supercell the huge profits. Let’s take a quick look at this fascinating game.

Clash Royale mod

The tactical gameplay

Clash Royale was launched in early 2016 by Supercell Producer. With a unique tactical gameplay that has quickly attracted a lot of attention from players around the world. In the game, you and your opponent will have to join in a tense battle. Each side will have 3 guard towers to protect the land. You will play your warrior way by releasing the cards to the battlefield and push them to attack the opponent’s land. Your opponent will do the same to you. In order to win, you need to make a difference in your tactics, by tossing cards that contain the heroes that make up the enemy. When your army wins an enemy army, they will start attacking the defensive towers. When you defeat their defensive tower, you will receive a win. You need to destroy all 3 towers and get 3 trophies.

Clash Royale mod

When a player wins a battle, he or she can obtain a chest. Each chest will take a certain amount of time to unlock. The Silver Chest will take 3 hours to unlock. The gold chest will take 8 hours. The giant chest will take 12 hours. The magic chest takes 12 hours. The super magic chest takes 24 hours. In addition, you can also get other valuable treasures such as the tournament chest, the hero’s chest takes 12 hours or buys with 10,000 gold, and the legendary chest takes a day or buys with 500 gems. With the chests made of precious stones or gold, they do not take time to open. The gems can be used to speed up the unlocking progress. The players can hold up to 4 chests at a time. Therefore, for having the new chests, the old chests will need to be opened. The free chests are also given to players every 4 hours. Every 24 hours, players also have the chance to win a Crown chest by earning 10 “crowns” from battle wins. Only free chests and crown chests are unlocked immediately, which are the only chests containing gems.

Clash Royale mod
The military system

Clash Royale will bring in about 16 different types of armies that you can collect and upgrade, which will be designed as cards. Therefore, you can easily get through the chest to unlock them. The characteristics of the cards and how to make up the military in which you need a lot of time to research and battle reality. No one can help you. You should rely on your experience and ability only. To take these cards to the battlefield, you need to have Elixir Points, which will automatically recover from time to time so you also need to consider using them appropriately.

Clash Royale mod

The graphics

Although Clash Royale is the new game, it has not escaped from the shadow of the Clash of Clans. On the other hand, the graphics do not change much beyond the interface. The game context is more suitable for a new product. However, I still appreciate what Supercell has done, in which everything brings a sense of harmony, charm and comfort when playing games for a long time due to the unique appeal of Supercell games.

Clash Royale mod


Clash Royale MOD is a good game for tactical lovers. This is not a boring game that will contain lots of irresistible appeals. Currently, you can download this game on both Android and IOS platforms. To download the game, you can click on the link below. If you love this game you can share, rate and support us. Have a fun game! Thank you for your support!

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