CHRONO MA:GIA is an innovative card game from GungHoOnlineEntertainment, which will bring us to the world of competitive and engaging strategy. In the game, you can use the cards for fighting with other players around the world and discover exciting stories from the characters in the cards. It is an awesome feature for all card gamers.




Daisuke Yamamoto and Puzzle & Dragons team have come back and released a new card game for you. CHRONO MA:GIA will be a real competitive game when you are simulated to the knights, dragons, mages and many other warriors, who can use great fighting skills for competing with many other players around the world. The game has been planned for many regions such as Japan and North America… you will be competing with many people in major tournaments.


Strategic playstyle

CHRONO MA:GIA has a simple regulation, easy access and diverse strategic, which lead to fierce battles. In which, you have to think and combine the heroes and MAGIA skills with the cards, collect 20 cards to build your team exactly as you want. Each character has unique abilities, select 3 skills from various powerful skills and use various creatures and magical powers for creating your strongest team.

In addition to the effects from the cards, each player will also have the skills that they can use to help themselves during the game, which is following the way the players summon creatures in battle. You can choose freely your skills and call a creature above the creature of another who has been summoned to increase the blood and power of your creature. The strategy will need you to study more carefully when playing.

Creatures can be used when cards containing them turn green and blink continuously, so you can pick and place them on the battlefield. They will start fighting when Skillgear icons light up, and you can start using MAGIA skills, a skill that can be used many times when its icon lights up again. When the creature dies, the Skillgear symbols will be turned off and the skills will expire. You will have to fight to protect your creature and prevent others from using their Skillgear.

Your choice of MAGIA will affect your overall strategy. Even if you and your opponent choose the same Gifted, the MAGIA skill will still have a huge impact on the overall strategy. With many options to build tactics for choosing the same Gifted, victory will be decided by skill and strategy.


Characters and cards

There will be 15 different characters in CHRONO MA:GIA. Each of them will be specially designed by talented artists from Japan and beyond they will be represented by a lead actor in a story. All of them will still be waiting for you to discover because, within this article, I cannot describe each character well for you.

For cards, there are three different types of cards with different strengths offered by the manufacturer. The first is Rare, which has the weakest power in the three sets of cards, including all 30 cards. Most of them will be horrible creatures. The second is the SuperRare, who you can guess that this set is stronger than the Rare set and this set has all 20 cards that will most of the warriors and some beautiful creatures. Finally, the Legendary set with the greatest power, including 16 cards. They are certainly gods or legendary creatures such as dragons.


Graphics and sound

In terms of graphics, CHRONO MA:GIA is outdated in comparison to current game titles. But since it was a card game, this is not so important. The great gameplay still attracts the gamers. The sound of the game is associated with an actor so all the sound of the character being held by that actor, who will create a lot of emotion when you play different characters.


Download CHRONO MA:GIA for Android

Nowadays, the card games are still quite small in the market so maybe in the future, this game will become more popular. Now, you can download CHRONO MA:GIA and experience it. Wish you have great gaming experience!

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