Caravan War Heroes and Tower Defense

Caravan War

After more than three months testing, the Hiker Games developer has officially opened the Caravan War game to welcome gamers around the world. This game has many points with other defensive games. You do not need to wait to upgrade the buildings that can be upgraded as soon as enough materials. You will also have to look for military units through in-game activities rather than unlocking troops from time to time, which makes the military development is very diverse. The magic system is also added to make the war more abundant.

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Playstyle of Caravan War

In the beginning of the game, you will be the owner of a village, which is next to the main trading route. You have to purchase some armies and rob the goods of the trading group to have resources for build more constructions for your village. You should remember the trade union you want to rob also has a lot of protectors. Therefore, you have to get your good troops for each mission. When you have more resources, you will be able to form your trade union and you will have to transport your goods through the dangerous places where many other players want to rob your property. Therefore, you have to upgrade and buy as many escort troops for protecting your goods. The battle is very stressful, so you need to be careful!

Key features of the game:

  • Controlling a land and protect everything.
  • Building strong defence towers and troops.
  • Doing business with your resources with many other players.

Caravan War MOD is a free game, so you can freely download it to your device. But some items in the game can be bought with real money. You should pay attention if you do not want to lose money. Wish you have happy gaming time!

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