Car vs Cops

Car vs Cops
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Car vs Cops is the new game from the publisher Ketchapp. I quite like the game’s titles because it brings unique ideas, without copy the idea of ​​the other games at all. In addition, Ketchapp games are highly entertaining for many players, so their games are always welcomed by many gamers. Car vs Cops is such a game, which will definitely bring you interesting moments.

Car vs Cops

Simple gameplay

Ketchapp specializes in producing simple and uncomplicated game titles. Car vs Cops is such a game without the need for a good story or a long story. It has only one theme: race with the police, who want to arrest you. Your escape also takes place in a fairly simple environment. You just run away from the police collision and create beautiful situations than two police cars hit each other.

In each level, you will be put into a large environment and start driving your car to collect the coins, the police will immediately chase you, use the excellent driving skills to dodge delicately away from them and make them crash together to create colourful explosions. Each time, you will have three lives, which is equivalent to 3 hitting times. If your lives run out, you will have to stop the game.

The next levels will have more and more police cars. Their speed will also be faster so you need to be quick by getting new cars or pay attention to collect support items along the way. It helps you speed up and help you fight off the police cars. Besides, you have to try to collect more purple coins as it will reward you to buy more new cars.

Car vs Cops

The new features

Everything seems very simple, but Car vs Cops require players to be nimble and creative, to cope with the difficult situations. Maybe, the police car will surround you. You have to find the way out and create the nice collisions of the police cars. Sometimes, you lose your attention, you will fail, and have to play again from the beginning.

Car vs Cops is endless, and there is only one game mode. You will be racing until the end of the game, so try to make combo strikes. It makes your score highest and win the records created by yourself.

Car vs Cops

Graphics and sound

The simple 2D graphics make it easy to install and play. The game was designed by the retro-styled designer, which contains many addictive elements for you. The exciting music will be added to this fun game.

Car vs Cops

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In my opinion, Car vs Cops MOD is a great game for the idle time. You can download and play it if you like it or share it with your friends, and do not forget to rate our article to support us. Wish you have a fun game!

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