Car Racing : Dirt Drifting


If you know Asphalt 9: Legends, which is the super-racing game on mobile. It is just a car racing game that focused on beautiful scenery on the track. Today, we would like to give you a new game, which will bring you a new style of racing and drilling techniques. It is Car Racing: Dirt Drifting. The game will not bring you flat roads but the rugged mountain roads. These roads are filled with challenging wilderness and dirt, which are perfect for those who like the adventure.

Car Racing: Dirt Drifting

The challenging race

If you have known some racing games that we have introduced before such as Drift Max Pro, Drift Tuner 2019, Drift Clash…, you will play Car Racing: Dirt Drifting easier. It is still a good job of making nice drifts with gas and brakes. But you are not going to drive your cars in the practice lanes or highways, but rugged roads, which have a lot of dangerous bends, soaring cliffs. You have to show your good skill as a professional racer.

There is another interesting point in the game that you will have two view angles while controlling your car. The view from the outside will allow you to feel the environment more authentic. The view from inside the car will help you feel like sitting behind the steering wheel. They will bring you the most exciting experience. In addition, you can review all the situations with slow motion feature.

Car Racing: Dirt Drifting

The Game Modes

Car Racing: Dirt Drifting offers you three game modes: Survival Mode, Arena Mode, Time Trial Mode:

  • The first is the Survival mode, which will allow you to move to certain points on the track at a certain time. You will be rewarded based on the distance that you passed.
  • The second, it is the Arena mode: In which, you need to control your car to the control point for a specified time. These checkpoints will appear randomly on the map. When you reach the designated point, the next point will appear. In the end, the score you get will be calculated and awarded.
  • Finally, Time trial mode: This mode is special and new. In which, you will create the opponent. It is your shadow. When you finish the first race, you will create a shadow with your own racing performance and you must win it in the second round of the race.

Car Racing: Dirt Drifting

Abundant racing vehicles

The game will have eight different racing cars in this version. It seems to be a small number of cars. However, each car has different characteristics such as drift type, acceleration, strong type, torque… In addition, each car will have different effects on other maps. It is very diverse, which help you choose the car according to your needs for each mode or simply according to your preferences.

Car Racing: Dirt Drifting

The design and sound

Car Racing: Dirt Drifting is designed with beautiful 3D technology, which will give you a more realistic look of the cars, as well as the surrounding environment. Moreover, the game has a lot of exciting and attractive racing backgrounds like grassland, desert, highways, relics… or sometimes combining them all in one map. The sound of the game is quite attractive because it is well coordinated between the vibrant music and the sound of the engine.

Car Racing: Dirt Drifting


In general, Car Racing: Dirt Drifting MOD is an exciting game, with attractive game modes, new landscapes. This game does not require a network connection, so you can play the game wherever you want. You can download this game to enjoy the most fascinating racing game. Wish you have the great gaming time!

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