Candy Patrol


The simple and cute games always attract a lot of gamers. Today, I would like to introduce such game called Candy Patrol, which is provided by the Orbital Knight publisher. The story is very simple and your task is to protect the sweet candy from the monsters. Candy Patrol is an addictive game for you.

Candy Patrol


The game has a lot of action elements that seems to be boring but this is a very interesting game. I was very funny with the monsters. They are so cute, even, when they die.

Each battle, you will have to protect the candy depending on the difficulty of each level. They will be arranged in different shapes in front of you and the different distance from the number of candy to the position. And monsters start appearing from paths or bushes running up and biting your candy. You do not let them eat your candy. If they eat your candy, you will be lost.

You will pick up a slingshot and shoot them to kill them before they eat candy. It will be more and more difficult when the monsters do not eat candy that they will hold your candy and run away. They are very fast. But the monster is very strong. You have to shoot enough to destroy it. It will be difficult but you have only good skills can beat them.

Candy Patrol

The solution of the difficulty of the game

The difficulties will always be solved, and the secret will be in your weapon. By upgrading and equipping more powerful weapons, you can destroy monsters faster. An effective tool to assist you is the poison trap, you can drop the poison trap to the position that the monsters will come. It will kill the monsters without shooting them. But the effects of the poison trap is very short time so you need to just release the other on time.

Note: Your bullets may not have hit the monster if you have good skills. You have to take advantage of that to kill the monsters in the hardest shot to make the phase. When you fired so fast, it will fill up the energy bar on your left hand and it will not shoot the female so you need to pay close attention to that.

Candy Patrol

Graphics and sound

Candy Patrol is produced on the 2D platform, so the game is quite simple but not so that it reduces the fun of the game. You will be exposed to the battle fast and fun with cute monsters. Sounds make me most interesting is that when the monsters die, they have their funny voices. Sometimes, their laughter as they steal the candy is quite interesting.

Candy Patrol

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The game is great for those who are free. There will be lots of laughs. You have to try to play the game and win the stars for each game. Finally, if you see this game, please share it with your friends. Have the fun playing time!

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