Breath of War

Breath of War mod

Breath of War is a new game form NEXON Company. A though it is not introduced with the great scale as the super games. But the game still brings you the unique features. The game will be an intense tactical war, in which the game requires the players have different abilities to control the world and win the battle. To become a lord of the dragon land, you will have to build an empire and unite the kingdoms to create the power and summon the legendary heroes to lead your troops in a real-time battle.

Breath of War mod

The gameplay of Breath of War

Breath of War has the same gameplay as building and fighting game, in which you have to build and upgrade the works for making your land rich with great economic and army potentials. You will need to build the farms to get the two main resources, which are the food and the wood. They will be the two main resources to upgrade all the buildings in the kingdom. In addition, you have to recruit your army. After everything is ready, you can bring troops to the battles in the lands around your kingdom. You also try to win and have more exciting rewards for building more troops and the others necessaries.

Breath of War mod

Other interesting features

Expanding your realm in real time and exploring everything with your strong alliance will bring you rich and powerful army gathered from various powers like humans, elves or the dragons. You can take it all in to fight and defeat all the enemies. Real-time battles will start with other players so you need to pay more attention to your strategies for winning the battle.

Breath of War mod


Breath of War MOD is a gorgeous 3D graphics. In which, you will be able to take your imagination away as you explore everything in the game and battle for the throne. With the majestic music and lively sounds like the sound of flowing water, the bird’s voices, the military training voices…, you will be entering a world in the middle ages. Although the game has just released, it will be able to become more popular in the future because of the unique features. Now, you can download and enjoy this great game.

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