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Brawl Stars mod

If you have already known the attractive games with hundreds of millions of players like Clash of Clans, Clash Royale, Hay Day and Boom Beach, you probably know their manufacturer, Supercell. Brawl Stars is sure to be the latest and most exciting game for you. This game was officially launched on Android platform after launched on iOS. Let’s learn about this fascinating game and be ready to challenge yourself in the fun battle that you have never seen before.

Brawl Stars was launched on June 15, 2017, which immediately received a lot of attention from many players. At the moment, Supercell has launched the game on Android platform because they need the time for preparation of the game on the most popular mobile platform in the world. Brawl Stars and the four other superstars which we have already mentioned above, make the trend worldwide with their attractions.

Brawl Stars mod

The tactical gameplay

Brawl Stars is a real-time shooter game with a lot of teamwork requirements and a variety of tactical combinations, in which you will be guided by the basic skills that you need to get used to fighting the game like moving, attacking or using special skills. They all will not be too complicated for you. After the instructions, you will be given the name of your warrior. You just think of a unique name that matches your style or an impressive and fun name to create a highlight.

Fighting in Brawl Stars will require a lot of skill and tactics, which will not be as simple as the initial combat that you have already got used to. In the game, you will need to coordinate with your teammates. Your goal is to win against other players. You have to do to defeat the enemy to win. You and your teammates can move to create the advantage or to separate into groups to enclose and beat the enemies.

Brawl Stars mod

In order to fight better, you need basic skills in moving, attacking and hiding. You will need to rely on terrains and grass bushes to be able to move safely in front of the enemy, which will help you to avoid losing your lives. The attack will be much harder for you because your opponents are not AI but the real players. They will have a very intelligent way of moving so you need the good use of weapons. You also need to know how fast the bullets are, how long your bullets are loaded, and how long you are moving in and out of the terrain.

Brawl Stars mod

The attractive gameplay and special characters

Brawl Stars offers four base-based game modes, such as Bounty, in which two teams have to collect points by destroying opponents. It means that in 2 minutes, the team defeat more opponent than another team will win. In Smash & Grab mode, it forces the player to fight and have collected 10 full crystal points first. In addition, Heist and Showdowns are also the exciting game modes that are waiting for you to explore.

The characters in Brawl Stars are called Brawlers. The game offers a variety of brawlers with completely different shapes and abilities. By collecting gold and raw materials after each game, the players can unlock as well as upgrade their outfits and stats so that the brawlers become stronger.

Brawl Stars mod

The graphics

Brawl Stars is a shooter genre, but it is designed in a colourful and cute cartoon style with the characters that resemble Supercell’s previous titles. In addition, the game is also built with a top-down view angle, which makes you easy to observe, move and fight. The skills of the Brawler is particularly fun that will bring a lot of fun to the players.

Brawl Stars mod

Download and install

The appeal of Brawl Stars will not have much debate. By the way, I would like to share with you a game similar to the Brawl Stars, is Blast Squad. If you are free, you can refer to it to practice your fighting skills and discover more attractions. You can download Brawl Stars via our link below for both Android and IOS platforms. Then you have to accept some of the terms provided by Supercell manufacturer to complete the installation and enjoy the game immediately. Wish you to have a fun game!

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