Boxing Stars

Boxing Star mod

Boxing Stars is a mobile sports game, which was released by FourThirtyThree Inc., In the game, you will be entering the boxing world, in which you can earn fame and fortune through the battle on the streets or on the famous arena. Power is in your hands, you can prove the world that you are the one in the boxing world. Currently, the game is available on 2 operating systems including Android and iOS so you can freely choose and play it. Do not ignore the fun in Boxing Star!

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Boxing Stars mod

New play style

In the Boxing star world, you can get all the fighting techniques that are for top boxing players. Using the power of your arm combined with gloves will give you a lot of strength and confidence. You have to fight with the stubborn opponents on dirty streets and teach them strength and skill lessons. Let’s knock them down!

In the fight, you need to prepare some basic skills and items for the game. You can move flexibly and avoid the opponent’s attacks, then quickly find out their weaknesses and attack on the weak spot. You should try to combine your skills and make a stronger combo. You will progress through the matches and quickly become a real boxing star. When you win the game, you will get the most valuable and attractive prizes. You can use them to buy the legendary gloves that help you fight better.

Boxing Stars mod

Other attractions

In addition to normal combat, you can train your martial artists so that you will become stronger through the training sessions at the top gyms. After the training course, you will be a true fighter. You will have more defensive skills as well as new attacking skills. The strength and defence of the boxers will be much better.

You will also enjoy some interesting game modes in Boxing Star. In Story mode, you can train and fight following the story, which has been built with intelligent AI opponents. When you become a star, you will need League mode to play against a lot of other players in the world. Everything will be more difficult for you.

Boxing Stars mod

Graphics and sound

Designed on a beautiful 3D platform and the attractive game will give you the charm that you cannot be missed with the beautiful skills with powerful effects. You will be very excited to create the combos kick. The sound of Boxing Star is also quite vibrant with the constant cheers of the surrounding audience and the fun skill sound.

Boxing Stars mod


This game is a novelty, with unique designs from gameplay to graphics, which will give you a lot of fun about boxing. In addition, the entertainment features are the highlights of the game, which attract many gamers. If you feel this game is interesting, please download the Boxing Star MOD right now and share it with everyone. Wish you have a fun game!

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