Action games always get the huge number of attention from the players around the world. When it comes to action games, you will think of the games with a lot of fighting elements, in which you will be the one who joins the tense battles and win by defeating opponents. Today, I would like to introduce you to the great fighting game named BombSquad. In the game, there are many battles and many exciting sports combined with the use of explosives, which will make the competition becomes monumental and full of laughter.

BombSquad was developed by Eric Froemling. It was released in late 2011 when the new mobile gaming market started to have its first breakthroughs. The game received the instant responses from lots of players. Up to now, many players have played this game, which is evidenced by the constant updates of the manufacturer. Let’s find out what makes the game great and sustainable and see how to download and install BombSquad versions!


How to play

At the beginning of the game, you will immediately be creating a default character with basic names. You can edit your character, colour or create your own new name. They will be simple and easy for everyone. After that, the game will have basic play instructions for beginners. All characters will have 4 basic operations including:

  • Punch: You will use this action to attack enemies at close range. The punches will give you the good damage and very fast movement but you need to approach to the opponent for doing this skill.
  • Bomb: Bombs will deal massive damage with the ability to attack from a distance. But the flying speed of the bomb is so slow that your enemies can dodge. But you need to learn how to use it more effectively.
  • Pick up: This is an operation that allows you to pick up items while battling, so you can pick up everything during the game. It is used for some special modes such as flag robbery.
  • Jump: This is the most commonly used operation, which allows your character to jump to higher places or to help you dodge the hazards more easily. Using this operation will help you play the game much better.


In addition to the basic operations mentioned above, the game also has a unique Powerups system, which will help your character more power during the game. Currently, the game has 9 different Powerups including Boxing-Gloves, Energy-Shield, Triple-Bomb, Med-Pack, Ice-Bomb, Trigger-Bomb, Stick-Bomb, Land-Mines and Curse. These powerups will appear as random boxes on your map or in a certain location, so you should take advantage of them to fight more effectively.

BombSquad has a variety of different game modes that emulate many sports or special game stypes. You can participate in exciting campaigns or tournaments in the game. You will use the ability of the character to fight with many different opponents. Completing the quests can give you many valuable rewards that will help you unlock more characters and available items in the game.


More about BombSquad game modes

In BombSquad, there are three main types of play that you will enjoy. Each mode has its own interesting points that you should not ignore.

The first, it is Single Player/Co-op: This is the basic game mode of the game. In this mode, you can play from 1 to 4 people in combination to complete the campaign or tournament. You can play with AI opponents to practice skills, as well as earn extra rewards for yourself.

The second, Teams mode: You can play from 2 to 8 people in this mode. You can participate in many different types of games such as random, hijacking or sports. You just need to pick the colour of your team and start the game immediately.

Finally, Free-for-All mode: This mode also requires two to eight people to join the battle, in which you and the other players will join in random maps and fight freely without any quests.



BombSquad store will be selling some of the items needed and unique to many players such as maps, mini-games, characters and Icoins. In BombSquad MOD, all the items will be unlocked for you. But in the original BombSquad APK, you need to play more and more to unlock your favourite things. In addition to quickly unlocking maps and mini-games, there is another attraction that you need to care about in the store that is the unique character system. At present, the game has about 13 different characters in the shop, each of which has the different look. In addition, an abundant Icons system has 45 different Icons includes flags from many countries and other unique icons.



BombSquad has a rather simple design with a traditional 2D style, but it also incorporates many modern technologies that bring many spectacular and beautiful visual effects. With the design of an animated film, from the colour to the characters created, the players will feel relaxed and gentle. The music of BombSquad is also very vibrant with a lot of great background music, along with many other realistic sounds, which will bring a lot of excitement for the players.


Download and install BombSquad

The game is designed with simple and light graphics. BombSquad will have pretty good capacities with over 50 MB so it is easy for you to download and install. First, you scroll down the article and click the Download APK link then you will be redirected to the download page with two files, BombSquad APK and BombSquad MOD (Unlocked). You can select the version you need and click on it. The game will automatically download non-commercial and non-virus. Installing the game will be very simple which you just install it like the normal APK files.



BombSquad is a great game for those who love fighting and fun elements. This game is perfectly designed for mobile devices running the Android operating system. If you are using an Android phone, do not ignore this game. You also can visit our site regularly to discover more new games. If you see our games attractive, do not forget to leave your review below. Thanks and have a fun game!

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