Blocky Farm: Field Worker SIM

Blocky Farm: Field Worker SIM mod

Surely, you have ever known or played farm games. There are many games of this genre has become very famous such as Hay Day of Supercell, Township of Playrix Games and many other games. It is evident that the appeal of farm games is immense for many players. Today, I would like to introduce you to a great farm game with a completely new style called Blocky Farm: Field Worker SIM. This will be a farm game simulating square farming, show your farm management and create a lot of fun. Let’s take a look at it!

Blocky Farm Field Worker mod

The new gameplay

Blocky Farm: Field Worker SIM will be almost as familiar as you have ever seen in many farm games. You start your job with a piece of land and with the usual farmer job. You have to develop your land and look at some of the food crops on it. Of course, you will have to grow the plants meticulously so that you can harvest them. After harvesting, you will be able to sell them to collect the cash, which is necessary for your farm and continue developing it with the money that you earn by building more cages, buying more machines and other animals to make the farm being crowded. Your work will be a lot so be ready.

About the work that needs to be done by Blocky Farm: Field Worker SIM will be quite similar to many other farm games. But one thing that needs to be mentioned is the fact that you will be transformed into a farmer and start controlling the machines. It will have many different levels so that the player can challenge the ability of the regulator. In this part, I see the game quite similar to a simulation game.

Blocky Farm: Field Worker SIM mod

The abundant features

Field Worker SIM will give players a lot of the fun features, which can have both new and old features but they are all great. You will no longer have to see the scene of manual harvesting. Instead, your farmer will use a variety of different machines to grow and complete a crop. These machines will be available in stores and you can buy with your money. Remember that you have to play more to learn how to master them in the best way!

Blocky Farm: Field Worker SIM mod

The graphics

The changes and upgrades in terms of graphics should also be mentioned in Blocky Farm: Field Worker SIM. In the game, you will no longer see the usual 2D graphics of a traditional farm game, but rather a 3D environment. In addition, the visual design of the game has changed. You will see a lot of unique and interesting boxing pictures. You will almost be involved in an open world with a lot of the surrounding landscapes like houses, hills… and so many other unique things that you can only find when playing this game.

Blocky Farm: Field Worker SIM mod


Blocky Farm: Field Worker SIM is a fun game for those who love simulation or farm games. It will be a unique combination that brings a lot of fun to the players. You can download it on our link at the bottom of this article and do not forget to evaluate it for supporting us to do the better game in the future. Thanks and have a fun game!

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