Blade Reborn – Forge Your Destiny

Blade Reborn

The action games are always exciting to play. Blade Reborn is such a game. In the game, you will join a very exciting fighting game with the transformation of the powerful heroes. You can control your strength with unique skills, weapons and equipment. The game is an epic battle like on the PC games that you have played. Let’s learn a bit about the game before enjoying it.

The interesting story

The appearance of a peaceful world has fooled people for so long. However, the devil is hiding in this world and plotting to create a huge invasion. The darkness is rising fast and the monsters are coming. The wars will be inevitable. You have to take your weapon up and defeated the monsters. Now let’s go into the darkness and start fighting the darkness.

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The intense war

Blade Reborn will have 3 different character classes including Wizard, Warrior and Killer. Each of these classes will have up to 64 different skills, which will have the different combinations of weapons and always change your weapon along with the variation of skills. It will bring you the great combos. The control of the game is quite easy with a very familiar arrangement. In the game, you will see everything is designed simply.

Each level of the game, you will be taken to the main maps, which will be the crypts. You will enter and defeat all the monsters. You can use your skills to constantly attack monsters and receive the amazing rewards from them. You do not despise these monsters because they will be very strong. Instead, you need to dissipate them and kill each other one by one. Your move is also important, which will help you avoid the boss attacks. You should stay away from the red dots before the monster hits.

Blade Reborn mod

The fighting style and game Modes

In Blade Reborn, you can look for the good equipment from bosses and define attributes for weapons, equipment. In addition, you can combine the pearls together to create a unique style for your character, or you can dye your fashions to create your difference. The game will also provide you with multiple modes that you will be able to play Solo or Queue with friends in the caves. The MOBA battlefields are up to 25 people or you can challenge the world bosses with many rare and valuable items.

Blade Reborn mod


Blade Reborn MOD has a great graphics with HD quality and many amazing special effects. The graphics and sounds are all built with modern technology, which makes you immersed in the intensive action battles. Currently, the game is offered on both Android and IOS platforms so that you can easily download the game from our link below quickly. Have a fun game!

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