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A great MMORPG world is going to open up, the world of Black Desert Mobile. It is an action RPG of Korean game makers, loved in more than 100 countries and always the expectations of many gamers in the world. Now, the game will be released on February 28th. There will be plenty of rewards when opening games like pre-registration, friend invitations, share rewards, and a lot of interesting things are waiting for you.

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Black Desert Mobile mod

Game context occurs in medieval times when the human began to explore everything, searches, adventures to places where no one ever came. There are creatures Fierce is waiting for you. Your mission is to fight, destroy them and explore the mystery of that land. We will now evaluate the five types of characters in the game.

  • The first, Warrior is a melee fighter who uses holy swords and shields to attack and defence. He shows a great physical ability. You can watch the video below for a brief introduction.

  • Ranger is a character that can attack opponents at long distances and can harass opponents and cause discomfort for the opponent in the game. When they are approached, they will kick opponents away.

  • Giant is using melee skills like the warrior. But with a hammer, they have a wide range of skills. When they use skills, the ground will be destroyed.

  • Witch is a character who holds fire magic, ice, wind, clay, earth, and many other natural elements. Using a witch as a Witch weapon can cause mutations for many battles because of the ability to create the great effects.

  • Valkyrie is a character that represents the power of Elion with a sword like the Warrior. But they are effective in recovering and buffing allies.

Black Desert Mobile has a familiar character moving mechanism and skills. But there are many other new additions that need you to explore, especially, the skill performance. Gorgeous combos will make you excited. Players will have to pay attention to control the strength of each character and understand their play style. When you enter the fight, you can use the skills and win. The monster will be increasingly strong. That forces you to build and upgrade more powerful equipment and practice better skills.

Black Desert Mobile mod

Key Features of Black Desert Mobile:

  • Realistic graphics and vivid audio.
  • Abundant powerful skills and stunning effects.
  • Sophisticated customizable help you create a character with your own personality.
  • A cute pet system.

Black Desert Mobile MOD with a fascinating storyline and mission will be the potential game this February. You need Android 6.0 OS and higher to play Black Desert smoothly. Have fun game!

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