Birdie Crush

Birdie Crush
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  • Update: November 27, 2018 at 8:09 pm
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In the past, we have introduced you to a very interesting golf game from LINE game maker. It is called PANGYA Mobile. Today, after a long time, we have also found a golf game, which is very attractive and interesting from the famous manufacturer Com2uS called Birdie Crush. This game will be the perfect simulation of the golf game in a big world with the fascinating graphics. You can also enjoy the big games with a lot of strong opponents, and lots of interesting content waiting for you. Let’s study a bit about the game right now!

Birdie Crush

The attractive gameplay

In Birdie Crush, you are allowed to choose an avatar. It may be the boy or beautiful girl. Each character will have their interesting and unique story. In addition, you will meet a professional and dedicated coach, who will always follow and guide you so you can get acquainted with the game. You have to read carefully the instruction to get the basics of the game. You will see a lot of virtual keys on your phone, so be aware of the use of these keys to start your game better.

Besides, you also need to pay attention to the elements inside the game so that you can easily win the game. First of all, it is a feature of the golf course. You need to pay attention to the playground where you place the golf ball. If you have sandy ground, you will need a different strike force from on the grass. Secondly, you need to pay attention and adjust the precision of the strike force to the recommended strike force, which will be yellow or green. Make a good turn of the game and you will win easier in Birdie Crush.

Birdie Crush

Character and costumes system

Birdie Crush will consist of four different characters for you to choose and customize including Erin G. Bridd, Kris Lowell, Lucie de Bei and Martina Glow. Each character will have their own stories.

Erin G. Bridd: This is a very cute girl, who lives with her father in a countryside club. She is loved much by her father. Erin has a cheerful and sociable personality. She likes a lot of candy, chocolate, pastries, pudding… She never cared to play golf until she watched a live match of the famous golfer, Martina. She dreams of becoming a golfer like Martina.

Kris Lowell: is the only son of the Lowell family, a famous family in Tribain. He is not only handsome but also very friendly. He never thought that he would play golf but he has always loved golf. But things have changed since he met Erin. He has had a passion for golf since then.

Lucie de Bei: is the daughter of Oscar, a principal at Delion. “Genius” is the best word to say about her. She is good at many things and golf is no exception. However, things have changed since the arrival of Erin. Her life has been changed since then.

Martina Glow: She is the best golfer, who is talented in this sport. She is the idol of Erin. But Martina also has her own idol that is the superstar golfer, Phantom. Martina once said she was not sure anyone loves to play golf more than her.

Birdie Crush

The beautiful graphics

Birdie Crush has the beautiful graphics, which is designed in the excellent 3D environment. The characters in the game are designed in a very lovable and attractive cartoon style, set in the bright colours of the Wonderland. Birdie Crush designs are somewhat similar to PANGYA Mobile. In addition, the effects of golf are very great to bring the unforgettable gaming experience.

Birdie Crush


Overall, Birdie Crush has a lot of fun features in the design make the game attractive. This is a great choice for you. You can download the game for the Android platform at the link below. Please give us your review so that we can do the better game in the future. Thanks and have a fun game!

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