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BattleHeart 2 apk

In 2018, it promises to be a time of mobile games as well as the return of many games that have attracted the second or third version perspective. BattleHeart 2 will also be a great game released by Mika Mobile game maker. You will experience the full story of BattleHeart again. But it will add a lot of compelling features and sharp graphics, all of which will make the game more attractive. BattleHeart 2 will be a potential game in the near future.

Battleheart 2 apk mod

The gameplay

BattleHeart 2 gameplay is similar to the previous version, in which you will be able to choose from a certain number of heroes with attractive skills. The game will not be like any other strategy game before. It has more freedom to control and give tactics, which requires you to pay more attention more. In the game, you have to concern about your hero’s ability to move around in battle, which is not limited within the box. You will need to select a target. If you want to use skills to support or fight, all will be instructed when you start the game.

In BattleHeart 2, you will fight freely. It is different with a lot of strategy games that you have seen before. In the game, the monsters will appear randomly and fight with your heroes. In free battles, your job will be to control the heroes to fight the monsters. You should remember that only the warriors should be fighting, the supporters should stay away from the fight. They should only help to recover the other heroes in the team.

Battleheart 2 apk mod

Character system and skills

At present, Mika Mobile has revealed that there are only twelve heroes. You will be able to form a team of four heroes. You will also need to build those heroes like role-playing games by finding equipment, levelling up and learning skills.

BattleHeart 2 will also be rich and unique. Each hero will always have many directions for you to increase your skills. To understand the mechanics of the abundant skills, you need to learn them more. Those skills will be able to fit into each battle, so you need to constantly change to match the style and battle that you want to participate in.

Battleheart 2 apk mod

The graphics

BattleHeart 2 will be designed with modern graphics with a lot of sharp and smooth images. The characters will be designed and reshaped in a new way. The monsters will also bring a new colour. In addition, the skills are also added a lot with the amount of richness as well as the effect, which will bring the unique experience for you.

Battleheart 2 apk mod


In general, BattleHeart 2 APK will contain a lot of interesting features. You can apply your unique tactics to make these battles become more attractive. The game will be released on mobile in a few days. But it will be available on IOS before being on Android. Have a fun game!

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