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Battle Boom
Battle Boom
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The game maker, FourThirtyThree Inc. from Korean has launched a global game for both Android and IOS named Battle Boom. As soon as the game’s release, it has attracted many players around the world. This is a tactical game with nice 3D graphics and quite similar to some strategy games from Supercell developer. Let’s learn and explore the game together!

Battle Boom possesses a simple real-time strategy game, which takes you to a battlefield with the enemy’s robots and tanks from the other line. You will become a commander to lead your army fighting against the opponents. This game requires careful thinking and strategy, which promises to bring players the most attractive gaming experience.

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Battle Boom mod


In Battle Boom, you will be divided into one of two sides, each of which will occupy a base and start building the army with strong defence. Your task is protecting your fortress and destroying the enemy base to win. The army building will be quite hard so you need to unlock warriors and build a stronger military system. When one of the two sides destroy all the buildings of the opponent, the side will win and receive great rewards and unlock more warriors such as tanks, bombs, missiles…

This game has two main game modes including Boss Mode and PvP Mode. You can join one of these two modes and enjoy the fierce battle. With real-time PvP mode, you have to calculate the right time when the enemy forces close to your fortress and defeat them all. In addition, you can search your opponent through the network connection. You will face different players in the world. They have the good ability so you need to try your best to be able to win the game.

Battle Boom mod

Simple control system

The game control system is quite simple. In the game, you just use your finger to select and adjust the robot, tank. In addition, you can quickly fight against your opponents. All the manipulations require the meticulous in operation as well as the agility and accuracy to play the game well.

Battle Boom mod

Graphics and sound

Battle Boom is produced on a very beautiful 3D platform with many detailed and attractive images to give players a lot of attractive gaming experience. The perfect and sharp designs are from all the soldiers, buildings… The sound of the game is also very exciting. The music will change according to the battle situation.

Battle Boom mod


Battle Boom MOD is an exciting game because of the great diverse tactics, simple gameplay and beautiful graphics that promise to give gamers the best gaming experience. By the way, we would like to introduce you another great game from FourThirtyThree Inc. named Boxing Stars. You can download this game on Android and IOS platforms and enjoy the appeal of the game.

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