Badland Brawl

Badland Brawl
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Badland Brawl is a new game from Frogmind developer, which has many exciting and adventurous BADLAND game series. Now, they will begin to bring players the tactical elements through this fun game. Badland Brawl will take you back to the world of BADLAND in mysterious jungles and engage in exciting battles with other players in the world. You can place your army to fight your opponents and create the attacking combos and destroy your opponent’s tower before they can damage you. The crazy weapons and brilliant tactics are waiting for you.

Badland Brawl mod

Play style

The play style of Badland Brawl is similar to the cards game genre, in which you will try to find the card of summoning the hero, a weapon or strange energy. But it is important that the way you put these cards into combat and what you will fight with. The difference is that you will be controlling a tower and standing at the beginning of the bridge and the other side is your opponent also owns another tower. You will summon the weapons in the card by putting them in a catapult and firing towards the opponent. The secret in the card will appear and attack the opponent’s tower. Surely, the tactics will be the combination of many cards creating combo sequences until your tower or opponent is destroyed.

Badland Brawl mod

In each level, you will have a lot of cards. You should remember that the energy lines below the cards used to summon cards, which will have a maximum of 10 energy points. You should use them before they are full, some cards may call out weapons that can combine with each other or fight each other. Therefore, you need to learn and have yourself the experience after each battle. In the game, you have to fight for finding your own strategy. Each tower will have 3 floors corresponding to 3 different bloodlines so you need to pay attention and attack constantly until the tower is completely destroyed.

Badland Brawl mod

Another attraction of Badland Brawl

You can get the eggs after each win and let them hatch in order to get the cards as well as the gold coins for upgrading other cards to become stronger. In addition to the PvP mode, you can also take part in battles on the stairs in the jungle for practising your skills and discover the exciting rewards. Furthermore, the game is created with exciting physics as well as the unique and intuitive control mechanism, which make the game more attractive.

Badland Brawl mod


The game was designed on a 2D platform. However, with a lot of nice and smooth graphics, you will have a better experience. The imagines of Badlan Brawl MOD are quite like in Clash of Clans but it is in a bigger and much nicer version. This game is in beta progress so you can experience it but it will soon be complete and you can download it with our high-speed link. If you find this game attractive, please share it with your friends. Have a fun game!

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