Au Superstar


Au Superstar is a very interesting music game from Changwuin producer, in which a world of amazing music will be opened for you enjoy. All the best songs with the most beautiful and cool effects will attract your eyes and mind for giving you an instant impression. In addition, with the brilliant effects of the music scene, the game will definitely bring you the best experience.

Au Superstar mod

Download Au Superstar mod for Android

Music games are always a topic for producers to exploit because music is an integral part of life. Like some music game that we have introduced to you as SuperStar SMTOWN, BanG Dream! Girl Band Party !, SuperStar BTS…, this game is designed to give you great entertainment about music. You do not miss it and join us to learn about this game.

Au Superstar mod

In Au Superstar, you can play with Teman2 interactive action, which means that you can give flowers and throw eggs, and make many interacts with other players in the game. It will make you much fun. Moreover, there is a community, in which you can interact with other players and create more engaging things.

The songs in the game are very professional. With great sound effects, you can play karaoke, invite friends to join for singing and being a superstar of this music party. Au Superstar is a music game, but it also gives you a fashionable look for your character. You can search for your character many different styles of clothing through the fun activities in the game, as well as earn more exciting rewards.

Au Superstar mod

With cute and beautiful images, the game easily attracts many players. The brilliant colours from many different visual effects will take you into a shimmering and attractive world. As mentioned, this is a music game has well-invested sound so you do not have to worry about the sound of the game.

Au Superstar mod

Generally, Au Superstar will be a great game that you cannot ignore. You can download the game with our link below and experience the game in the most comfortable way for fun in the game. If you find this game attractive, please share it with everyone. Wish you have a fun game!

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